Saturday, February 28, 2009

Adventures in Geremialand

I decided to start a blog because of my interest in the Matson girls' blogs. I thoroughly enjoy reading them and feeling like I was a part of their lives; even if I don't see them very often. I've often wanted to have a blog... I haven't had one for about 5 years. My last blog caused problems while I was speaking my mind... it's difficult to remember feelings you could be hurting. I have learned a lot from that and will make sure nothing of that sort happens here, haha!

Life in Geremialand has been wonderful. Ryan and I been married for almost 2 years... and it has been by far the best 2 years of my life. I find that every single day I learn something new about my husband, and I fall more in love with him everyday. Today I learned that while cleaning, his voice is like nails on a chalkboard. I laugh as I write this. Apparently I get grouchy while cleaning, as if I get continually more and more angry at the dirt that has accumulated. There was mould on every window and door... caused by a humidifyer that was left on "high" throughout the winter which caused condensation to accumulate whenever the weather was colder than -5 (which was 90% of this winter so far!). I was absolutely disgusted that we were living in this filth for the last year and cleaning that much mould off of a frame... made Ryan's voice asking me to come inspect the new doors in our basement aggrivating.

Thankfully, all it takes is a strong hug from Ryan to rid all frustration. I hate that he does that!! A simple hug makes all anger dissipate into nothing. It's amazing how he can do that.

I am very lucky!

We are trying to finish our basement... stress grows with every passing day. So much money has to go into that damn basement. Baseboards, electical, plumbing, doors, frames, staining, furniture..... it seems like it never ends! Tensions grow and if it weren't for him, I think I'd have snapped by now!

Welcome to my blog. I'll be very honest and I'm excited for you to read it. I am so in love with my husband, and it'll be fun sharing this love to the world!

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