Saturday, October 10, 2009


So far, 2009 sucks. It feels like such a shitty year so far. But it's Thanksgiving weekend and I was forced to sit here and actually think about all the amazing things I need to be grateful for. So I thought I would list them here:

- My amazing job. My dream job.
- Ryan. I am constantly amazed that I was blessed with such an amazing man.
- Bauer. Best. Dog. EVER.
- My parents, that they are still around and we hang out as often as we do and that they live so close. I absolutely love it.
- Our lives in general. I have a beautiful home, two vehicles, room for guests... we are extremely blessed.
- My friends. I have made some new friends recently and I feel so blessed... I feel like my old self again! And my old friends, the Fairview girls, who I love so dearly.
- My grandmother, who is still alive and well.

There is so much more. I am grateful that we live in a country where I can be free to say what I feel, that we have a government that never agrees on anything and is always sending us to the polls (haha), I am grateful for Ryan's family - I have so much fun with them, and I love watching my niece Veronica grow up. So despite the fact that this year has brought a lot of heartache and strain, so much more good has happened. I am extremely lucky, and I am even luckier that I get to experience all of these great things with my best friend, and the best husband I ever could have imagined. Thank you, Ryan.

Happy Thanksgiving, all!



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