Monday, June 27, 2011

First Big Allergic Reaction!!

My dear baby girl... you are your father in so many ways. You were blessed with his red hair, his fair skin, his tree trunk legs, and ... his allergies. This may not be that big of a deal right now, but as you get older, you are not going to like this fact. You are going to have to steer clear of so many foods and environmental factors.

On Saturday, June 25, you had your first big allergic reaction. And it wasn't even bad - mommy just freaked out. You had a small reaction to almond oil a few months back, but even then, comparing to what happened on Saturday, that was nothing (and mommy is still not convinced it was an allergic reaction as opposed to just super red cheeks).

Mommy was feeding you breakfast - your regular banana, cheerios, and then I gave you some pieces of pancake. You had pancake the night before and LOVED it, so I thought I'd give you a bit more. They are milk-free pancakes, made with orange juice as opposed to milk.


You ate it up. Gobbled it up, really. And then your chin was red. And it was spreading. Daddy then noticed you had a hive on your neck. So, I decided to take you to the hospital.

By the time I got there, your entire face was bright red and you had hives on your face. They bypassed admitting and brought you right in to the back room. They checked to see your breathing, and you were breathing fine. Your right eye was a bit swollen and they drew a line on your face with a pen to be able to confirm if the infection was spreading.

They then ordered Benadryl. By the time we got the Benadryl, your face was clearing up, but the infection was now on your neck. By the time we left, the neck infection was gone and you had broken out into major hives all over your tummy.

We got home, I put you to bed (you were so exhausted you fell asleep in the 3 minute drive from the hospital to our home!) and when you woke up (and after I checked on you 8 times in your 1.5 hour nap) your entire reaction was gone. No more hives.


The nurses and student doctor were awesome - they checked on you repeatedly, they made sure you were very looked after and they made sure everyone knew how super cute you were!

You were a trooper, and everyone loved you. Mommy was so proud of you!! We don't know if it was the orange pancakes, or the fact that daddy was eating Cheeze Whiz near you (ew!), or what caused it... but I do know now how to react to these outbreaks and to keep a good eye on you!!

Scary stuff!!!

I'm SO GLAD you are ok, and I love you so much!!

Here are some photos for you!

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  1. I remember when this happened to you monkey! It was a year ago and scary!


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