Friday, September 2, 2011

Moving, Moving, Moving

We are officially moved.

We are also officially lost in a tornado of boxes.

"Where is *this*?" is pretty much the most-used saying in our house right now. We have the spare bathroom downstairs completed, my office is closer (computer is up - that's all that matters, right?), Aryn's room just needs decorations, and our kitchen is slowly beginning to look more like a kitchen rather than a landfill.

And the television. Ryan's prized possession is the huge built-in shelving unit in our living room.

We are so grateful for our new home!! I just can't wait until it feels more like a home instead of a stress-inducing mess.

So on moving day, which was Tuesday, we got up bright and early and started the last of the packing and moving. I took down all the photos in Aryn's bedroom, and placed each picture nail on the change table beside her bed. Rush rush rush. Then at 8:30am I put Aryn down for a nap. She tried to fight it, but she eventually fell asleep. At 9:30 I heard her call out for me - she's awake!! I go in there and there are nails EVERYWHERE. I mean, everywhere - in her crib. I quickly grab them all, cursing every awful word I know in my head. I look at Aryn and she's sucking on something.

I open her mouth and lo and behold... a nail. I tried to grab it but she pulled her head away and then...


She swallowed that darn nail!! I stood there in complete shock, praying praying praying that she wouldn't start to choke. Thankfully, my mom was there and she stayed very calm while I cried and freaked out and I am fairly certain if she had let me, I'd have sprouted wings and flown us to the hospital.

3 x-rays and 2 days later... we had us a nail in a big pile of poop that I had to sift through.


So it's been a very stressful, crazy week. And I'm VERY grateful that my sweet little love nugget is ok and healthy. Thank you, God!!


  1. Oh my god! I wondered how you knew she swallowed the nail! I would have been freaking out too!!! Thank the lord Aryn passed the nail without it puncturing her insides!!!

  2. I am so glad Aryn did not get hurt as that moved through her little body, God is good!


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