Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Aryn's 3rd Birthday - The Ice Cream Party!

*DISCLAIMER: Aryn's birthday was in September. It is now December. I am fully aware that I am 3 months late writing this blog. But better late than never, right? RIGHT??

Aryn loves ice cream. Ok... who am I kidding... she loves all sweets. There's not much in the junk food 'food group' that she doesn't love. But ice cream... ohhh this kid loves ice cream.

Her party was a toss up between a strawberry theme and an ice cream theme... and ice cream seemed much more fun. The kid loves her some strawberries... but if she had to choose between an ice cream cone and a bowl of strawberries... ok, I don't exactly know what she'd choose but I would suspect she'd go with ice cream.

So I set off looking for ice cream theme ideas. Pinterest is my new best friend, and many of my ideas were taken from there. I am partially hoping to find some of these photos on Pinterest!

First, the invitation. I made it in photoshop, from scratch, taking ideas from a few other invitations I found on Google. It took a few weeks to make, and I was extremely happy with it!

We had water bottles with flavour water squirts available for everyone. We decided not to buy pop or make punch for many reasons (extra expense, would need too much variety, takes too much time to make punch, punch is really messy, etc.) and this way I got to use up some of the flavour squirts in our pantry!

Instead of giving kids a bag with breakable toys and loud whistles (which all kids love, but let's face it - parents do not haha!), we decided to give ice cream cookies that I had made by a lady here in town (Out of Chaos Comes Cookies). They were $1.25 each, which I thought was good considering anything from the dollar store would end up being more. They were 2 cookies baked together, with icing made to look like an ice cream cone, the 'waffle cone' was icing as well, and a number 3 in icing. There were 4 different colours of ice cream cone, and they were seriously delicious.

Frames from Target. 4 for $1!!

We had an ice cream toppings centre. Unfortunately, it was really warm that day and the chocolate chips melted, but everything else worked great! They were a huge hit.

Again, this frame is one of the 4 for $1 at Target!

We had bowls, ice cream cones, and waffle bowls for the ice cream. The waffle bowls were apparently disgusting... I didn't taste test them first. Whoops!

One very happy 3 year old!!
Hair clip & tutu made by my amazing friend at AnnaLuv Designs.
I made the shirt... just a regular white shirt, green tule made into ice cream, and fabric paint making the cone.

Borrowed a bouncy house from a friend. Yay!

Lots of toys for the kids outside to play with.

The very interesting ladybugs came free... there were a billion of them, and really stole the show.

Ok... please keep in mind that I had just had a baby... this is not my best look. Seriously... 

And for the birthday girls' birthday cake, we took ice cream cones, baked cake mix in them, topped them with icing, and a Smartie on top. We had vanilla and chocolate cake, and they really were delicious.

I forgot to grab a "before" photo! 

Then it was present time. All the kids helped Aryn open her many gifts. She was so spoiled by so many people who love her. It made my heart happy. 

We had messages left after the party saying it was one of the most fun birthday parties they'd ever been to. That made my day! That's all we ever want - for people to come, celebrate our little girl, and have a great time. It really was an extremely fun day. Aryn zonked out quickly afterwards! We were so grateful that her great grandma, grandma, aunt and 3 cousins were able to make the trek out as well for the party! More people to celebrate our special girl!!

Lukey's birthday is in 5.5 months... I'd better start planning... ;)

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