Friday, May 16, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday, Lucas!!

When Aryn was born, we didn't think we could ever love anyone like we loved her. Then Lucas came along and proved us wrong. It's been a long, hard year filled with laughter, so many smiles, and quite a few tears. He has turned our lives upside down and it has been hands down the best year of our lives. 

Lucas, we love that you're a daredevil. Like how you jump off the couch head first.

We love your open mouth kisses. Slobbery and adorable.

We love your little white-blonde mullet. Daddy thinks it's red, but he is very wrong.

We love your temper when you don't get your way or when we ignore you.

We love how your favourite thing in the world to eat is Kleenex or toilet paper. We also love how weird you are.

We love that you love to stick your hands in the toilet (regardless of what's in there...).

We love how you massage the back of our necks when we hold you.

We love how much you love bath time, and splashing in the water and splashing your sister.

We love how shy you get when people acknowledge you.

We love how you're such a snuggler.

We love that you're finally sleeping through the night.

We love how you walk like Frankenstein.

We love how you flirt with all the ladies.

We love how you try to talk.

We love that you jump on your sister.

We love how I have to hold you down with my feet to change your diaper.

We love that you stick your tongue out whenever you're concentrating on something or trying to be bad, like throwing the remote control into the toilet or the baby monitor into the bathtub. Again.

We love that the first thing you do when you wake up is look for Aryn.

We love how you always pull your socks off. Always. Then throw them.

We love how happy you are when we go for a walk.

We love that you still nap twice a day.

We love how impatient you are (all.the.time).

We love how you're such a mama's boy.

We love your laugh. It sounds like a barking seal.

We love how fast you move to get into it when we have the fridge or dishwasher open.

We love your super cute tiny bum.

We love how you spin yourself around on your bum with your heels when you get excited.

We love how mischievous you are. 

We love your big cheesy tooth-filled smiles. 3 teeth on top, 2 on the bottom. And judging from your mood the last couple of days, we suspect 1-3 more are on their way shortly.

And we absolutely love the little person you are and can't wait to see who you're going to become.

You are a very loved little boy. Thank you for choosing us to raise you! Happy birthday, little man.

Credit: Diaper cover, tie and delicious cake (also Lucas' birthday cake, which will be shown soon!) are made by the fabulous BugABoo Baby Wear and Cakes Inspired in Strathmore, Alberta!

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