Saturday, March 28, 2009

7 Weeks!

Well, little one, you are doing a great job of holding on!! The cramping has finally subsided, and I have realized the culprit of the pain.... let's just say 15 minutes in the washroom and the cramps were gone! Whoops! Mommy and Daddy are very anxious to meet you and the next 33 weeks are going to go by SOOOO slowly!

Nausea has officially started... not so much throwing up yet, but just the feeling of not feeling very well. I don't want nausea to start so I'm praying it subsides quickly, haha!

Bauer knows something is up but doesn't understand yet what it is... which is fine with us! He's going to have a lot to deal with you come... but he is going to LOVE you!

We are quickly trying to finish our basement before your arrival. We want some place with carpet for you to play on. Hardwood won't be very comfortable for you! Daddy's doing an amazing job finishing the basement! We just have a few more baseboards to finish, a closet in the spare room downstairs, blinds, a little more electrical (we'll pass the permit next time!), and then my favourite: FURNITURE!! It's looking more like a basement now and I can't wait for it to be finished.

33 more weeks!! I can't wait!!

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