Friday, June 12, 2009

Robins are satan's spawn

Soo... these robins built 2 nests under our deck. So in the one nest, 4 baby birdies hatched. This caused mama bird to decide to attack us. And Bauer - poor, poor Bauer. He was attacked the worst!

So I decided to take a photo of the birdies. The flash went off and one of the birdies flew out of the nest. So then, I tried to put him back into the nest (as per the advice from google... very, very poor advice, by the way). I picked the birdie up carefully, Ryan protected me with a plastic patio table, and as I got closer to the nest and put the birdie in it, all 3 of the other stupid birdies flew out of the nest! So now I have 4 baby birdies hopping around my back yard with 2 mama birdies attacking my head.

So Ryan and I screamed and ran into the house.

This was all on Wednesday.

Today, Friday, all the baby birdies were gone. THANK GOODNESS. I got to mow the lawn, Bauer got to go to the bathroom for the first time in 5 days, and we are back to normal.

So note to everyone: if you find a birds nest in your back yard, get rid of it before any eggs get laid in it!!!! Take my advice!!


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