Sunday, July 26, 2009

In Memory

I decided that I had to do something.... or GET something in memory of Matthew. His memory has only been in my head.... I had nothing to show for his extremely short life and it felt like everyone has already forgotten about him except me. Not that I blame people... no one met him. But he meant so much to me!

So I bought the following.... it is my memory of my sweet baby boy who I never got to meet. And every time I look at this angel, I will remember Matthew as a "gift from God." Which is what he really, truly was.

"Hope" is so meaningful to me... I "hope" to meet Matthew one day, I "hope" that God will one day bless me with a child, I "hope" that Matthew's short life has meaning to it, I "hope" that his loss is not in vain. I have a lot of "hope" in my life.



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