Saturday, November 7, 2009

So I thought I'd let my readers (all 1 of you! haha) that Ryan and I have officially decided to stop trying to get pregnant. Even reading through my posts, I can see just how depressing they are. I am so obviously depressed that it really can't help our chances of getting pregnant. So... with the fact that if I got pregnant in the next little bit, I would have to miss my brother's wedding, I just realized it would lift so much weight off my shoulders if we stopped. It's tough to say it, but I feel like it'll help my heart and mind.

Furthermore... I am going to start blogging about happy things!! Yay!! hahaha

So happy things.... I'm watching Friends and drinking a bottle of wine to myself as I write this. Saturday night, drinking alone. Is that happy? Or sad...???? hahahaha

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