Wednesday, November 25, 2009


So I went to a specialist on Tuesday to figure out what's going on. Because we got pregnant, in the "infertility" world, that means I'm pretty much pushed aside. Regardless of the fact that I lost the baby, they don't look at it like that. Thankfully, my doc was really gentle and kind and is putting me through lots of tests, like:

Day 3 blood work FHS
Day 21 blood work Progesterone
HSG test

My friend Jill told me that the HSG test is one of the most painful tests you will EVER do. You have to take pain meds BEFORE you go in just so that you don't pass out from the pain. They shoot you with this dye and stick a catheter up your yoo hoo to look at everything in your uterus and see what's going on in there. I'm on this baby-mama forum and the ladies were telling me that apparently a LOT of women get pregnant post-HSG test because it really cleans out your uterus/falopian tubes, etc. So.... here's to hoping. That is, of course, if I'm not already pregnant. But since we were NOT trying this month, I can't see that happening.

Furthermore, found out I have pneumonia! I started my antibiotics today (whoops... only a little late...). Apparently I'm borderline pneumonia/bronchitis. But they didn't want to do an x-ray because we've been trying for so long so they are just treating it like pneumonia. Unfortunately, SO much to do with the paper that I can't even relax and get better. After Friday, I'll relax haha.

So, that's about all that's going on in our world.

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