Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year

I am very excited for 2009 to be OVER. Regardless of what a horrible year 2009 was, some good did come from it:

- My new job at the Newsy Neighbor. I have never in my life enjoyed my job, or working. But then I found this job, and it has just brought complete new meaning to my life. I am PROUD of my job, my work, and what I do. I love my "bosses" (so weird to call them that, especially Aleesha).

- I have made some amazing new friends this year. Namely, Aleesha. It's been a long time since I've had a "best friend" and I am so glad Aleesha is a part of my life now!! Pfft!

- Made up with old friends. A few years ago, some "stuff" went down and I lost a LOT of friends. I didn't (and don't) really care about most of them, but one friend has bothered me since the day it happened: Jen. This year, we went for coffee and put it all behind us. I have my friend back, and I feel SO much better and like 100 lbs has been lifted off my shoulders.

- Ryan and I got SO much closer than I ever thought possible this year. Funny how bad experiences does that to a couple. I love him more today than I ever thought I could. I respect him, love him, and admire him so much. He is my love, and I am so grateful we chose each other to spend the rest of our lives together. It's going to be a great life. I love you, baby!

- Bauer. Every day Bauer makes my day. I just love him.

- My family. Everyone is happy, healthy, and ... well, alive! My brothers have both kind of "grown up" this year to the point I actually enjoy spending time with them (haha). My parents, who I am still ridiculously close with, are doing well, and help us out as much as possible. And now I can add Ryan's family to the "my family" list. Although Butch isn't feeling very good, he is doing better than we thought he would be after this year. Veronica, my niece, is so funny and just a big ball of smiles. Jamie and Roger announced they're pregnant so 2010 will bring a new baby, and Karrie is thisclose to finishing her thesis!

- My book club. It may sound lame, but man alive do I love our book club meetings. Too bad it's only once a month :(

Altogether, when I look at this year, a lot good came from it. A lot of smiles, a lot of fun. I will focus on this .... the bad seems to overpower the good, but when you really reflect on what good DID happen in 2009, I am a very lucky person. And Matthew will always be a part of my heart, love and life. Even if he's not here to share it with me.

Happy New Years to everyone. May 2010 bring MORE happiness and love than all other years.


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