Tuesday, December 14, 2010

3 Months!

You are 3 months old today!! And I didn't even take any pictures... today you were babysat by Grammy ALL DAY so that mommy could do work. You did ok... I realized today just how much you cry/whine. And sleep. And eat. That's all you do. You cry because you're hungry and/or tired which is about 90% of the day.

But then you smile.

Ohh those smiles.

They're enough to make the meanest of mean's hearts melt. I.e., Bauer. He's a big grump. I think he's an old man at heart. But he sees you and he gives you kisses. Or... he's licking off the drool and milk that's splashed all over your face. But I choose to believe he's giving you love.

And now let's discuss sleep. Aryn. Last night you were up at 11:30pm. Then 2am. Then 4:30am. Then 6:30am. Then 8:30am. I fed you at the 11:30pm, 4:30am and 8:30am wakes. But come on. That's enough. The funniest of it is, is you wake up mostly because you squirmed so much that your arms got out of your swaddle and you are uncomfortable. You like your swaddle. And you like your squirming to get out of the swaddle. And do you know what else you like? Sucking on your hands. That's what wakes me up. The "shlirp shlirp shliiiirrrrppppp" that comes over the monitor. That is what I hear at random hours of the night. And it is comical. Then you cry bloody murder when I take your shlirped-on fingers away from you and re-swaddle them. Then BAM! You're asleep.

And today you ate every hour and a half to two hours. Yes, you may be going through - yet another! - growth spurt. But honey. Come on. Aryn. Come on.

Babycentre.ca told me today that a 3-month old should be sleeping the entire night. It even defined "entire night" as up to 12 hours of sleep. With no wakes. Umm..... when do you plan on doing this??

I can't lie though. Getting up at whatever hour of the night to go in your room, half asleep, cold, stuffed up (mommy is getting a cold!) - and you're in bed, shlirping on your fingers, with the biggest "GOOD MORNING!" grin. Your whole body smiles when you smile. Your face lights up, you squirm your entire body, you make "I LOVE YOU" coos and gurgles. You become the smile. And at 2am, 4:30am, 6:30am and finally 8:30am... those just-woke-up smiles are the best part of my day.

But let's work on the sleep thing. Please?

I never updated your weight last week!! On Thursday, Dec 9:
13 pounds 6.8 ounces
I will weigh you tomorrow.

3 months old. And I can't even remember a time before you were here. Mommy and daddy love you soooo much. And I can't wait to watch you grow. And I can't wait to see more smiles. And I can't wait to keep fighting with you to keep those hands out of your mouth. You are amazing and I love you soooo much.

I wonder if Bauer remembers a time before you... haha!

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