Monday, December 6, 2010

Aryn's Wrath

Tonight, my darling husband got to experience Aryn's wrath. You see, we needed groceries. Aryn had started being fussy at 6:30pm and I told Ryan I'll wait until she eats at around 7-7:30 then go. But Ryan was adamant that he could handle Aryn's fussiness so... I agreed. I left her in very capable hands, drove to No Frills and took my time picking the best apples, the more ripe oranges, and the greenest bananas (I like green bananas!).

30 minutes later, as I was backing out of the No Frills parking lot, I got "The Call." When your phone rings and you look down and see it's your house number, your heart leaps into your throat. You hold your breath and answer with a terrified "hellooo???"

No voice answers. All I hear is Aryn. Screaming-at-the-top-of-her-lungs-more-than-I've-ever-heard-before-EVER Aryn. Then a high pitched and extremely quick "AREYOUALMOSTHOMESHEHASN'TSTOPPEDCRYINGSINCEYOULEFT!!!"

"I'm on my way!!"


I walk into the house and there is silence. Aryn is doing her post scream breathing and whimpering. Her face is bright red, there are crocodile tears still lingering on her cheeks. Ryan hands her to me as quickly as he can, tells me he thought she was dying by how hard she was crying, then promptly walks into the garage to, as he says "grab the groceries," but it's quite clear he just needs to get away for a moment.

FYI, about 2 minutes after I get her she burps this huge burp then promptly fills her diaper with an aroma that not even a mother could stand. Aryn is suddenly happy, cooing and smiling.

I suspect Ryan was faking it.


  1. Haha. I remember the first time I left T with both boys alone the first time. That was... and adventure for him. LOL. They have to do it though!


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