Saturday, March 5, 2011

Aryn's first cold

I have been seriously slacking in the blogging area of our life. It's been hard - I'm working whilst mothering and sometimes it just gets a bit overwhelming and the last thing I feel like doing is blogging at the end of the day! But, I am missing writing about so much of Aryn's life. She's a week shy of 6 months and I haven't blogged about her in almost a month!!

Bad mommy!!

The biggest thing lately is that Aryn got her first cold - and it just had to be croup! On Wednesday (March 2) Aryn was sooo cuddly and a bit lethargic - sleeping more than usual, not really wanting to eat her solids (she loooves rice cereal! Barley? Not so much!) but not enough to cause any kind of concern. I assumed she was teething.

Thursday she woke up in the morning and had a bit of a cough. Again, it's been -30C for about 8 months straight now (exaggeration?? Naahh) and again, I didn't think much of it. I put her down for a nap at about 11am and she woke up at 1pm sounding like a seal. It is amazing how fast croup sneaks up on you!

Because she was breathing so loud and it was obviously very painful, I rushed her to the hospital. Now, let me take a moment to express how much the Strathmore hospital SUCKS. First, the parking lot was full. I mean, cars were parked EVERYWHERE - on the grass, on the sidewalk, on top of a pile of snow - so I had to park on the street. It's -20C and I had to walk my very sick baby from a busy street all the way to the hospital. THEN, as you're getting to the front doors, there are huge "NO SMOKING" signs and I passed 3 PEOPLE smoking. I was so mad I made a loud comment about it, specifically "Wow, apparently you don't see the huge 'NO SMOKING' sign - unbelievable!". Inside, we had to wait a little over an hour to see a doctor. Yes, that is very good timing and I understand that - but when you have a sick infant and an old drunk lady who caused a car accident is being seen first - it's a bit frustrating.

But my fears were confirmed - Aryn had croup and there is not much they can do about it.

So I prepared myself for a very long night of being awake, standing in the garage, standing in the bathroom with steam, rocking, patting, and self medicating my baby girl. It was a LONG night. Aryn slept much of Friday - up for an hour, nap for 2 hours, up for an hour, etc. Unfortunately, her "up for an hour's" were tiring, as she just wanted to be cuddled and rocked, and her 2-hour naps were sporadic with coughing fits and crying fits.

My poor love nugget. I felt so useless!! I wanted to make you feel better and there's really nothing I can do other than cuddle you and pray for you.

I prayed a lot!

Friday night you slept a bit better - you woke up at 3am and your breathing was awful. I was pretty scared but after 10 minutes in the garage and then 5 minutes in a steamy bathroom, you were sounding a bit better. I kept waking up every hour or so to check on you and you slept straight to 7:30. Up for an hour and a half, then down for 2 hours.

It's now 1pm on Saturday and while you sound a *bit* better, I know you're still sick and I am hoping you get better soon!!!

Baby's first cold is not fun, but I feel like I'm pretty calm and not once did I overreact and think the end was near - which I always thought I'd be like when my baby got her first cold! haha!

Now the big question is: who is more of a big baby when they're sick? Aryn? Or... Ryan?!?!

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