Thursday, July 14, 2011

NKOTBSB and Aryn's 10 Months

Notice the order of importance on the title of this post. That was NOT done by accident.
Last night was the first time I've gone out of town (to Calgary!) in the evening without Aryn. And I got to go enjoy a concert - the New Kids on the Block meets the Backstreet Boys. It was Estrogen Central. The sound of screaming women is still ringing in my ears. As is "Hangin' Tough" and "Quit Playin' Games"

Ok, enough of NKOTBSB. Now onto Aryn!

This month has been a crazy month of firsts.

Your first Father's Day with daddy!

It was your first camping trip - as noted in my last post. Your first taste of sand, your first dip in a lake, your first major allergic reaction, your first time meeting Uncle Joe, your first Father's Day, your first birthday party. And on July 3, your first crack at crawling!!

Photobucket Photobucket
With Uncle Joe and Grampy Bob!

Since then, you've become a regular MacGyver. Whatever is NOT a toy is your favourite thing to play with: garbage cans (taking out gross snotty tissues), computer cables, Bauer, recycle bins, Bauer's food and water dish, books... you name it. If it says "Adult Use Only," you want to play with it.

See? Sooo happy to have the cell phone.

Starting today, the first day headed into your 11th month of life, you have even started throwing temper tantrums. Mommy invited some friends and their babies over for a playdate this morning. You wanted Sierra's cup SO BAD - you followed her around, kept trying to steal it. And when I pulled you away, you cried. I'd give you YOUR cup, you threw it and tried to crawl back to Sierra's. You wanted her bowl of crackers - not YOUR bowl of crackers. You wanted HER toys - NOT your toys. And every time I tried to stop you, you cried. And when I was holding Baby Reid, you tried to push him away and climb all over me.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket  Photobucket
The progression of climbing on mom. Last photo: grab at the camera.

I have to admit... it was hilarious.

Watching Elmo!

Many moms would be embarrassed at their littles' temper but not me. This was the FIRST TIME you've ever showed any kind of jealousy or possessiveness. It was adorable and gave me a peek into the kind of little kid you're going to be when you grow older. I have to admit: I'm a little nervous now. But you're so funny!

So big!

This past week you've had your 2nd cold (your first being croup quite a few months ago). You're a big, whiny, clingy baby when you're sick. And mommy loves your sick cuddles. Mommy does NOT, however, like your sick diapers. Ew.

Happy Canada Day!

Weight: 23 pounds, 7.5 ounces
Length: 30.5"

Zoo day with Sophia, Aryn, Addyson and Keegan!

So you've gained almost a pound and no height. But it was a different scale so really, who knows. Your paediatrician said you have intolerances to foods - not allergies yet. Mommy has to be very careful with you around and the food we introduce to you! The last couple of weeks you've reverted from wanting to eat any food in front of you to wanting to be nursed more, which mommy doesn't mind!


You now sleep through the entire night. In bed at 7pm (supper at 6pm, bath at 6:30pm, and bed at 7pm) and up anywhere from 6:30-7:30am the next morning. Mommy LOVES IT. You move a lot and talk a lot in your sleep. You're a little harder to put down for naps now - you move a lot and try crawling. Your toys are always thrown around and sometimes I find your soother halfway across the room. I want to put a camera in there haha!!

Photobucket Photobucket
Playing Peek-A-Boo!

You've been pooping in the bathtub lately, which is gross. You're also LOVING bath time even more. Including crawling in the bathtub. We've gone swimming a few times with Keegan and his mommy Michelle and you're getting a bit more adventurous. Not as adventurous as Keegan, but you're getting there! You chase Bauer and he runs as fast as he can away from you. You LOVE your walks, especially when Grampy comes with us - and then you talk talk talk talk talk the whole way. You get SO EXCITED when you see Grammy - your hands and feet turn and you squeal with delight. You love your daddy sooooo much but you're a big suck with me when he tries to hold you. I'm looking forward to that changing!! You love my blackberry and Bauer's dog food (which you've eaten a few times.... whoops). You love blueberries the most, and you'll tolerate bananas. You eat 1/2 an avocado everyday for lunch but your favourite thing at lunch is a yogurt cup. You look up to Veronica so much and smile whenever she's near. You love cable cords. You love sitting on my lap while I'm at the computer and eat anything that's within reach - including paper, pens, and my stapler. You love going for bike rides and fall asleep within minutes. You are a real ham wherever we go - you love the attention you get from your "bright red hair!" that everyone loves. You HATE getting your nose wiped and your diaper being changed. You love to try to escape diaper changes. You love playing peek-a-boo with the curtain in your room (your little feet stick out from under it and you pull the curtain over your face and sit there until someone says "Where's Aryn" and then you peek out from under the curtain. Hilarious.


Mommy and daddy love you SO MUCH! I can't believe in 2 months you've been with us for an entire year. Stop getting older!!! You're such a sweet, beautiful little girl. Your smile is infectious and I hope you always continue smiling!!

Look like her daddy much??

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