Monday, July 25, 2011

Today Grocery Shopping

Aryn, I wanted you to remember this story for when you're older.

Yesterday, I took you grocery shopping. I have found in the past that any kind of shopping takes about 8x as long as normal - not because you're a handful or anything, because you really aren't, but because we get stopped every 5 minutes by people wanting to compliment me on you.

"Your baby is so happy!"
"Your baby is so cute!"

(and the most common)

So on Sunday, July 24, I took you to No Frills here in Strathmore and as I was packing the groceries in the car, an older couple came over to me. The woman told me that her husband (who was standing there) used to have red hair just like yours. He just grinned and kept looking at you. They just gushed over you and kept saying how beautiful you were. The woman said to me, "it's a shame to know that in the next 20 years, it's said that red heads will be extinct" (meaning no new babies will be born with red hair), and that she is saddened by this because they truly are so beautiful.

And you smiled that big beautiful 2 tooth grin and made their day.

The man never said one word until they were leaving and he looked back and said "God bless you."

And I thought that was super sweet.


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  1. That is such am awesome memory for miss. Aryn (and you) to look back on--good mama! She will cherish all these stories later in her life! And I didn't know red heads were going to be extinct?!? That sad. They are VERY adorable--yours especially :)


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