Friday, June 15, 2012

21 Months

The last 2 months, Aryn has become a crazy child. Hilarious, and sweet, and amazing, but absolutely nuts. I have never seen so much energy in one tiny person. She is her father's daughter, without a doubt!

See? Climbing!! On EVERYTHING!

Once upon a time, Aryn was the easiest kid to put to bed. You lay her down, put the blankets on her, leave the room, and we wouldn't hear anything from her for 12 hours. It was glorious!

Well, she has put a STOP to that.

Now, our evening schedule is this:
7:15 - Bath
7:30 - Teeth brushed, lotioned up, pj's on
7:45 - Books read or Elmo watched and laying in bed. Door closed.
8:30 - Still talking, or yelling, or running laps in her crib, or playing with the dolls, or ... whatever else she could possibly be doing.
I can usually get her asleep at around 8:30

Now, you are asking yourself, "Why don't you just put her to bed at 8:30?"



Because she wakes up at 6:30am, when Ryan gets up to get ready for work! We can't figure out what it is that wakes her up, but whenever Ryan gets up, she is up. And then starts our day of a tired, grumpy nugget - who doesn't listen, who whines, who throws fits, who is grumpy.


I've tried putting her back to sleep at 6:30, but she wants none of that - she wants to run and see Bauer and say hi to all her toys and go eat breakfast.

Yet on weekends, she's up at 8am! I fully blame Ryan and his dinosaur walking.

See how her lips make an "S"? This is her new look and I looooove it!

And the fits have started. Take her to the potty? Fit! Take away a dangerous knife? Fit! Shut off the 9th episode of Elmo? Ohh man, the fit!

She is running away from me - and towards the water - here!

It doesn't help that I laugh at all of these fits. But they're so funny! And cute! You just want to pick her up and squeeze her! But when you do, she gets mad and throws another fit haha!!

Aryn & Hunter

But while the last little bit has been trying, I can't express enough how much I am LOVING it. This kid is the sweetest, and funniest kid ever. She just comes up to you to give you hugs and kisses for no reason. And they're GOOD hugs. She even pats your back and rests her head on your shoulders. She runs to you when you open your arms, and her laughter... my goodness... her laughter. It will melt your heart. And the things she laughs at are amazing - just random things, she finds so funny.


This little girl wants to be a "big kid" so bad - she copies everything everyone is doing and if she messes up, she'll try, try, try again until she gets it perfect. She actually BRUSHES her teeth - not just sucks off the toothpaste. She moves the brush and brushes those teeth - just like mom and dad. She feeds herself with a fork and spoon - and she's GOOD at it! She does everything she can to be just like us, and I don't blame her for getting angry when we don't allow her to perfect something (i.e., climbing onto the table. While mom and dad don't climb onto the table, she wants whatever we've hidden out of reach of her little hands on the table and she just wants that to be a big girl!).



I am learning everyday this little personality this kid has. And everyday I get more and more scared of her being a teenager (hahaha) and I fall more and more in love with her.


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