Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Potty Surfing

Aryn has recently started wanting to use the potty. When we were sick for 2 months, she basically lived in disposable diapers. I HATE BUYING DISPOSABLE DIAPERS! I love my clothies, and I just love her big fat cloth diaper butt. But with all the poosplosions and grossness that was coming out of that little body, I went with disposables for the entire sickness. She was happier, I was happier not having to clean up the grossest stuff I've ever seen, and it saved me doing a LOT of laundry.

I also held off going to the bathroom on the potty for those 2 months. She was miserable, tired, sick, and she would just whine when I brought her into the bathroom. Besides - the poor kid was peeing from her bum for 2 months that I think it was just easier for her to go in her diaper. So we held off, and it's taken us an extra month to get back on track.

I'm not a big "early potty trainer." I don't want to force Aryn to do something she's not ready for. There's no reason to potty train her earlier than necessary - I'm not in a race with anyone and I already know she'll do it when SHE is ready. Yeah, that's right. ;)

But the last week or so, Aryn has been telling me she has to go to the bathroom. This is a first for us! She has two signs:

1. Smacks her crotch.

2. Hides.

If she hides, I know she's pooping. Plus, I can hear her grunting. It's friggen hilarious.

When she smacks her crotch, she has to pee. I usually miss it, but she's doing so awesome! I'm so proud of her - she is peeing on the potty more often than she ever has before. Yay nugget!

And the potty is a fun zone again. We still get the occasional whine and freak out for having to sit on the potty (to which I take her off immediately - I don't want to correlate potty with freaking out), but for the most part she's doing awesome. I'm having more dry diapers than ever before and I am loving having her in her clothies again! I'm so proud of her!

Here's to hoping the next few weeks or month or few months we continue on this track. I'm not going to force her - if she's potty trained before 2 years old, that's fantastic!! If not, then no worries. She'll do it when she's ready!!

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