Saturday, June 22, 2013

Natural Disaster

As a mom, I have become accustomed to a certain type of disaster. Namely, when out and about, you hear the sound and instantly know that your child is the smell you smell in the store. It is a disaster regardless, because it never fails that when that situation arises, you find yourself without extra underwear, diapers, wipes or clothes. It never fails. Once, Aryn got super sick "down there" just as I was about to put her in her carseat. I had to change her in the back of the car. No garbage bag to throw clothes in, so I had to use a bag from our shopping trip, and somehow in the excitement poop got everywhere. And then I had no extra clothes so she went home naked.


Or how about the 'poosplosion' that goes all the way up your baby's back? So not only is he dirty, but so is his carseat or the stroller, plus his clothes, and you're in a public place and cannot go and give said baby a bath.


Then there's the natural disasters, when Mother Nature decides she's super pissed off at us and wants to show us who's boss. And she releases her anger tenfold. That's what happened the last few days in Southern Alberta.

 photo 1009906_536916679696267_1107998076_n.jpg photo 382502_10152946682700517_302189131_n.jpg photo 1010430_536916639696271_1779357385_n.jpg photo 1003282_536949173026351_350298562_n.jpg photo 1017205_536916649696270_477266601_n.jpg photo 1010519_536938779694057_1641258772_n.jpg
Note: I did not take these photos. I got them off of Twitter and Facebook by local Calgarians.


We in Strathmore are safe. We are east of the city. However, those west and south are needing serious help. If you are reading this and are willing to donate to our aide, we cannot express enough our gratitude:

Please help!

I am grateful for so much now - our home, where we live, and the knowledge that should we ever face a crisis, the kindness of our neighbours is amazing. We have seen so much beauty from humanity that it has somewhat restored my faith that people are kind. In a world where we see so much negativity, it has been amazing to see the opposite.


Thank you, Alberta!

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