Friday, June 28, 2013

*Face Palm*

Kids are frustrating. And annoying.

There. I said it. 

Sure, they're also hilarious, and lovable, and amazing, and just all kinds of wonderful, but they also have a way of wanting you to bang your head through a glass window.

Take my 2 1/2 year old daughter. She never.stops.talking. Ever. And it's not fun talk - it's "Mommy? What's this? What's this? What's this, mommy? Mommy? Mom? What's this? What is it, Mom? Mom? What's this?"

And keep in mind, each time that question mark is shown, I answer with, (for example), "that's Ranch dressing, Aryn. Ranch dressing. It's Ranch. Aryn, stop asking me the same question. It's Ranch dressing. ARYN! STOP ASKING ME THE SAME QUESTION!"

*Face palm*

And then, somehow, whenever I start nursing her brother, she ALWAYS has to go to the bathroom.

Me: "Aryn, do you have to go pee?"
Aryn: "No."
Me: "Aryn, do you have to poop?"
Aryn: "NO, MOM!"
*start nursing Lucas*
Aryn: "Mommy? I have to pee/poop."
*face palm*

It never fails. People have witnessed this. It's a true phenomenon.

And the words this kid has come up with - not to mention, she has mimicked all of our awful potty mouths. Bauer starts barking, and Aryn responds with, "BAUER! SHUT UP!"

*Face palm*

Or, my favourite, "What the hell, Mommy?"

*Face palm*

Note to self: watch your language!

And now onto little Lukey Pookey. All in all, he is a MUCH easier baby than Aryn was. And she was fantastic. Seriously. She was a great baby. She had awful reflux, which made her throw up all the time, but she was happy and smiled a lot. She loved to sleep, except at 2am for about 1-2 hours when she wanted to be awake and play and smile. At the time, it didn't bother me as much because I could sleep during the day.

Mind you, I tend to remember things very poorly so for all I know she was the worst baby ever and I've blocked it out of my memory.

But Pookey is fantastic, and in so many ways he's the opposite of his sister. He loves to sleep on his tummy. He hates being swaddled. He is just now starting to kind of like the soother (although he gags and mostly hates it). He doesn't have reflux (although he does have a sensitivity to milk products so I'm on a no-milk diet). He hates being woken up at night, so he sleeps from about 9pm to 3am, eats, then sleeps again until anywhere between 6-7am. And if he's up in the middle of the night, it's because he has a tummy ache and has to poop.... which pisses him off that he has to do this at night.

He is now starting to want to be awake more during the day, but the second he starts moving, like in the carseat or stroller, his eyes roll back into his head and he's out.

But why is he frustrating?


He's a champion nurser. He is already at 10 lbs 3.5 ounces, so that's about ~4 pounds since birth. 3 more pounds and he's doubled his birth weight.

But he's lazy. He wants his tummy full without doing the work. So he birdies it and then cries when his tummy isn't full. Any nursing mother should understand what I mean by that.

And he doesn't want to be awake and not be held. If he's awake, he must be held.

And his cry. He has the meanest cry I've ever heard in a baby. He gets PISSED OFF if he is left alone for longer than 10 seconds. That means not being held.

Dude. Sometimes mommy needs to go to the bathroom. Or deal with your sister. Or eat. Or make meals. Or clean.

Ok, the cleaning one was a joke, obviously.

But he doesn't care. If he could be attached to my body all day/all night, he'd be the happiest baby in the world.

Aryn used to sleep best on her own. She was not a cuddle bug. This kid though, he does like to snuggle. And I'm not a snuggler, so he makes it known quite often that I am failing as a mother to him. Snuggles = good mom. Laying down on my own = bad mom.

*face palm*

Life is exciting and frustrating and wonderful. Kids are a lot of work. Kids are amazing. Kids are annoying.


  1. Its great. Aryn was just like D as a baby and now is just like Monster with the talking thing. Luke is sound like Monster as a baby. I wonder if he will be like D when he gets bigger? lol.

    I hear you on the face palms though. Its a whole new group of them with two!

  2. Oh snugglers - is Luke (or you) into baby carriers/wraps/slings so that you CAN carry him while you a) deal with Aryn b) make food c) go to the bathroom d) clean e) nap f) all of the above?

    1. He's more of a "let me be" kinda kid when he's asleep (which is often) and "hold me" when he's awake. So the carrier puts him to sleep, and then he wants to be away from me... but then wakes up when he's put down hahaha. Vicious cycle!!


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