Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fun times.

Last night, I went and checked on my daughter and there in the corner of her room was a diaper. I didn't think much of it, assuming it was the previous night's diaper so I threw it in the garbage, removed the soccer ball and 3 books from her bed, and kissed her forehead before I left and went to bed.

Ryan and I were talking while we were falling asleep, and I happened to mention that I had found the previous night's diaper in her room. Ryan informed me that he had thrown that diaper in the garbage. Silence.

I jumped up, ran to her room, and lo and behold, she was not wearing her nighttime diaper. Nope. She had underwear on. Put on completely wrong - her body was in the leg hold and they were TIGHT.

So, there we were, working really hard - as a team - to take off these super tight underwear at 11pm... in the dark... and put on a new diaper. All the while, my 45-pound toddler slept with dead weight. FYI, changing the pants of a 45-pound sleeping toddler is not fun. And you will break a nail. But it sure was cause for some laughter.

 photo IMG_3847.jpg
Doesn't she look gigantic?!

So this brings us to a new venture in the next little while: nighttime potty training. I'm terrified. This mama likes her sleep. Like... I cry that ugly cry when something keeps me awake. Which is probably why we should stop at 2 children, because God knows I'm the worst with nighttime nursing. Everyone's all, "Oh, they're only this young for so long! Embrace and cherish the nighttime nursing cuddles!"

 photo IMG_3675-1.jpg

Me? I want to punch you in the face when you say that to me. Mama likes to sleep. Nursing every 2 hours is annoying and exhaustion causes me to be very grumpy.

Thankfully, Lukey Pookey (or, as he has now been called, "Pookie Man") is a champion sleeper. I mean... literally. He goes down at 8:30pm (after a 4-hour awake session where he cries and fusses for most of it...), wakes up anywhere from 2-4am, eats, then sleeps until 8am... yes, you are free to be jealous. I would be jealous if it wasn't us. And I'm scared to post this because that means that tonight he'll be up every 2 hours and I'm going to curse my blog for it.

So, going back to nighttime potty training... our decision now is:

Option 1: put her on the potty at 11pm when we go to bed.
Option 2: wake her up to potty when I get up to nurse Lucas.
Option 3: forget it and just get a second job to pay for the ridiculously expensive diapers we have to buy.

Diaper prices are insane. Add to that the fact that our 2.5 year old is already 45 pounds with large legs and butt, she doesn't fit in regular pull-ups. Nope, she's in the "Big Kids" pull-ups... the ones for ages 6-8. Yes, you read that right. They are the only ones that fit. And for 23 diapers, it's $20. That's effing expensive.

Wish us luck.

 photo IMG_3765.jpg
Poor Lukey...

In other news, last weekend we had some friends stay with us. We had a fantastic time, and it was nice staying up socializing past 9pm for once. It's been a long time that I've stayed up as late as we did... and by late I mean midnight.

I am pretty sure there was a point in time when we didn't even leave for the bar until 11pm.

 photo IMG_3881.jpg
Looking good, Ryan... looking good...

We spent the one day at Calaway Park in Calgary, which was probably one of the most fun days we've had in awhile. FYI: amusement parks are extremely not-nursing friendly. Both Jill and I were constantly looking for a place to nurse our babies. We ended up having to do it right in public... along with a few other nursing moms. Unfortunately, each area we found was near bushes and we all got attacked by mosquitoes.

 photo IMG_3816.jpg

 photo IMG_3834-1.jpg

But there we were.... 6 or 7 nursing moms, all trying to hide our lady bits from prying eyes and curious toddlers. Fun times.

And another fun thing that happened at Calaway Park was Ryan's tooth fell out. Yep, he has a fake tooth, that's supposed to late him about 5 years and bam - it fell out. On our way to Calaway. Guess how much it's going to cost us to fix? $3200. We're super pumped about that.

 photo IMG_3843.jpg

But he looks hilarious. That's worth the $3200.

 photo IMG_3839.jpg
Irony at its finest. 

Who wants to buy my book so we can pay for said tooth??

Things have been fun around here. Aryn's hilarious (her new thing is, "Of COURSE, mommy!" - to any question. "Aryn, did you take my phone?" "Of COURSE I did!"), Pookie Man is smiling and cooing... and just does not eat near as much as Aryn did. It's weird how little he eats yet continues to gain weight. We're doing great and loving every day... at least most of the day. Not all of the day... but most.

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