Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Beautiful Disaster

My goodness, what a day we've had today. Heck, yesterday too.

Yesterday was the hottest day in the history of Canada; I swear. It was 32C in our house. Our basement even got up to the high 20's. We were literally dripping with sweat and all of us were pissy, frustrated, and uncomfortable. And if you'd like to know how a toddler and infant are when they are pissy, frustrated and uncomfortable, you could have stopped by yesterday to witness for yourself.

If anyone wants to buy us a whole-home air conditioner, I will provide you with my address. Seriously.

Yesterday, I wouldn't allow Aryn outside so I tried to force her to play downstairs. This drove her nuts, adding to the fact that she's uncomfortably hot, and it was a serious disaster. She threw fits, screamed, cried, only napped for 40 minutes (I love her 3-hour naps...), wouldn't eat, and just wanted to cuddle. By the way, cuddling with an over-heated toddler in 35C weather is too much for anyone.

Then there was Lukey. He refused to nurse, then freaked out because all he wanted to do was eat. He didn't want to be held, but also didn't want to lay on the floor, or in his swing, or in his bassinet, or virtually anything else I could think of. Cool baths were great for about 5 minutes and then both kids wanted out. Simultaneously.

For his before-sleep nurse, we literally were a dripping mess of sweat. Needless to say, he wasn't asleep for the night until after 11pm when it finally cooled down a bit in our basement.

Aryn has been going to bed later and for some reason, getting up earlier in the morning. We put her to bed at the same time (7:45-8pm or so) and she plays or sings in her room until ~8:30. Then she's up at any time around 6am, and is exhausted all morning until she naps. No matter how long her nap during the day (said 40 minutes to 3 hours), her night time sleep is the same length.


Princess woke up at about 6:15 this morning with a cough and has proceeded to cry ALL.DAY.LONG. Why?? Who knows!

Freak-Out 1:
We were watching Bubble Guppies and Bubble Puppy left the scene. This pissed her off. She fell off the couch, onto the floor, kicking her legs and crying. Uhh...... ok.....

Freak-Out 2:
She wanted to eat a can of soup. At 9am. I said no. Freak out ensued.

Freak-Out 3:
I stood up.

At one point, I was so frustrated I went upstairs to change Lucas and nurse him. She stomped upstairs, came into the room, screamed at me in Arynese, and threw her Buzz Lightyear doll at me. FYI: Buzz is HEAVY.

So Lucas was placed in his crib, and miss grumpy pants was placed in her bed, with the lights off, curtains closed, and with orders she doesn't get Buzz or Woody until she calms down and has a little nap.

5 minutes of screaming, in addition to some fake gagging and "mommy! Mommy!' cries, she was let out of her room. And more freak outs ensued when I didn't give in and give her Buzz and Woody back.

It's been a fun morning.

She's now napping. I don't care how long she naps for because she'll be up at 6am tomorrow no matter what. And sister needs a nap. A good, long, nap.

Speaking of which, I am heading for one too. G'night.

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