Friday, September 26, 2014

Aryn's 4th Birthday

I think it's safe to say that I have fallen off the blogging bandwagon. This also means that, in 20 years, when Lucas comes up to me and says "Hey mom, when did I get all of my teeth?" I'm going to answer with "around 1." Not "Oh at # months, # days for your top two teeth, and # months, # days for your bottom" like I can do with Aryn. Nope. Did I even blog about Lucas walking? Yeah, he walks. And talks. And is hilarious.

But I digress.

On September 6, 2014, we had Aryn's big 4th birthday party. It. Was. AMAZING.

Over the past few months, Aryn has really jumped on the whole "princess" bandwagon. Everything is princesses. She's a princess, Daddy is a prince, Mommy is the queen, Lucas is the king... yes, I wrote that right. I used to wonder how 75 year old princess movies could still be loved by kids nowadays... I mean, Snow White is old school. And by 'old school', I mean it was made in 1937. It is literally 77 years old. And comparing it to hits like Frozen, how can you put Elsa in the same basket as Snow White? Yet there we are, in a bidding war with some stranger on the Strathmore Bidding Wars page for a Snow White dress for a meagre $12 while I'm also Googling for an Elsa doll.

This is my life.

So when I found on Kijiji an ad for a Princess rental, I jumped at it. I booked Elsa and Anna... and I am embarrassed to say I was extremely excited. I mean, come on. How awesome would this be? And about a week prior to the party, Elsa texted me (they must have a good phone plan in Russia) and asked if Princess Jasmine could come along as well. Hey, free travel on Carpet, right?

So I got working on giving my little Princess the party of the century.

I made a castle entrance... that didn't turn out as awesome as I had hoped, but hey... it's not too bad, right?


The Princess table.



The pink popcorn was just red food colouring added to butter. It was NOT a big hit... :/

I had to do something to entice the little boys, who were going to be knights at this party. I made Knight armour out of a cardboard box and black duct tape, and the swords are from the dollar store. Score for Halloween stuff out now!


I made a banner for my Princess with downloaded Princess characters from Etsy.

The water bottle labels are a must-have for every party. I've become the Group Water Bottle Label Maker!

And the gift bags. Every Princess got to take home a twirly straw, a Princess crown, and this bag that had a crown cookie in it made by Out Of Chaos Comes Cookies. Every Knight went home with a sword, their armour, and a cookie made into a frog.

And the cake. I used the same Out Of Chaos Comes Cookies for the cake. She's just fantastic. It was a last minute thing as I was extremely unorganized and she pulled through with flying colours. Too bad the photo isn't better quality... it's the only one I have!

My Princess...


The party kicked off with some fun in the trampoline... that proves we may need to upgrade next year...

And we got some photos of the other Princesses who were invited.


And we had to do some group shots...

And then the Princesses showed up!


They sang songs, talked to the girls, played games, told a story, and didn't get out of character for even a second. It was fantastic and the girls were in awe!



Lucas even had a good time! 



And I even got a family photo with everyone!

And my favourite photo of all time...

And the Baby & Me 2.0 generation got some photos done too, of course.


And then we did the cake.

And the Princesses gave Aryn a gift for her birthday...


The girls were all sad to see them go, but it was a great party! 


Thank you to everyone who made it so special! And we're officially into the 4's... and I'm loving every minute of it! Happy birthday my sweet girl. Your dad and I love you to the moon and back. You are so special, sweet, funny and beautiful. Thank you for being our little girl!!

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