Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Life With Lucas

Dear Lucas,

You are the sweetest, funniest, craziest, most insane little boy I've ever met in my entire life. Every day, you make us laugh from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep, yet you make us want to pull out our hair as well when you yell "Ba!" and "Da!" at the top of your lungs ALL.DAY.LONG.

You love to bug your sister. Whatever she has, you need to have. If she has a book, you need the book. If she has a pony, you need the pony. If she has a Barbie doll, you need the Barbie doll. No matter what.

With food, you eat a little of what's on your plate, then you laugh your evil laugh as you throw the rest of it to Bauer - even if you're enjoying the meal! Bauer appreciates you feeding him, but his waistline doesn't.

Speaking of your evil laugh, you laugh this evil laugh all the time. You honk our nose - evil laugh. You "tickle" us - evil laugh (FYI, your tickles are more like sharp painful pinches). Your evil laugh gets you out of trouble because it's so funny!

When you walk, you walk with this stomp... this attitude-filled walk and you march through the house with this walk and make us laugh!

You love hats, and you use hats as a way to charm everyone around you - including strangers - because you know you're adorable.

You love to honk people's noses.... including strangers. You reach your hand out, we put our nose down and we have to say the "honk" sound. Then you honk your own nose (which is a higher-pitched honk). You seem to enjoy doing this with strangers too, even though Mommy tries to refrain you... but your whine makes me give in.

Seriously. Your whine. I've never heard anything like it!!

You love to give the most amazing hugs. They are so heartfelt, with a big squeeze and snuggle. I crave your hugs!! Unfortunately, your kisses are needing some work. You give awesome little kisses, but sometimes you get inappropriate and try to make out with people... especially mom.

Recently, you learned to take off your own pyjamas. I keep finding you in your crib with no clothes on, which is terrifying because one of these times you're going to poop in your diaper and it's going to go everywhere!

Speaking of poop, you are potty training yourself. You sit on the toilet for anywhere from 10-40 minutes. You usually pee (and tell me when you have to pee), but sometimes even after sitting there for more than half an hour, when you finally get off, you instantly poop either in your diaper, or on the carpet in the middle of the living room, or on the carpet on our stairs. Sometimes, when you have a diaper on and mom isn't paying attention, you take your diaper off and poop in the middle of the living room carpet. You've done this twice in the last 2 days. It's awesome.

You are such an amazing little boy and whenever I get frustrated with you, I just have to give you a big hug and kiss because you are the light of everyone's life! You make your sister happier than she's ever been, and you make people want to be around you because of how happy you are; you're rarely in a bad mood, and the few times you are it's because you're tired or teething. How do we know you're tired? Because you snuggle in, you put your head on our shoulders, and you rub the back of our heads with your fingers.

Bedtime is one of my favourite times of the day with you, and not because it's finally bedtime! It's because of our rituals. You have a bath, and you're always so much fun in the bath. You love swimming and throwing water and laughing with Aryn. Then we go brush your teeth, and you love being such a big boy and brushing your teeth by yourself. Then we go get dressed and read as many books as you can possible fit in. Then you have to say goodnight to everyone who is over - Aryn, Daddy, Yammy, Yampa, Bauer, and mom. If we miss anyone, you freak out and cry until I bring you to give hugs and kisses goodnight to everyone.

Mornings are hilarious with you. You either sit in your bed and yell at me to come get you, "Mom! Mom! Mom!" or you make this weird noise that can only be described as "Mommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmm". And then when you hear someone coming, you instantly drop and hide under the pillow with your feet sticking out, and then you laugh your evil little laugh from under the pillow. It's hilarious but I haven't been able to get a video of this yet!

To this day, Aryn has never thrown a big fit. No laying on the floor, crying, kicking, screaming, etc. You, on the other hand, have done this a few times now. You like to get your way. You don't like it when people take toys away from you, or something you really shouldn't be playing with. You are very set in your ways and it's game over when someone tries to change what you had in mind. This is all new territory for me, and I feel like I'm failing because I just stand there and laugh at you when you're being like this! I'm nervous for our first public tantrum.

You have this absolutely adorable little fake cry. You bring this out mostly when you're tired, or first thing in the morning. Lucas, it's so funny. You close your eyes so tight, turn your head to the sky, and let out this big fake cry. Sometimes you bring out the crocodile tears. Even Aryn knows you're faking it and she calls you out on it, to which you usually smile at.

Mom has taken on the enjoyment of dressing you up. You get dressed in skinny jeans and little trendy shirts and sweaters. I am loving it! I'd like to say I'm sorry but you really seem to enjoy it because when we come home, you instantly try to put on Aryn's fancy shoes or mom's boots or whatever is laying in the entryway.

Every time I take the camera out (digital or phone!) you instantly stop what you're doing and give me the cheesiest, biggest smile ever. I've been having to fight Aryn for a photo for awhile now, but after she sees you ham it up for the camera, she instantly wants her photo taken too.

You love yogurt. I mean, LOVE yogurt. You need to have one after every sleep. You are so excited to go downstairs, then you run to the fridge and point and "Uh! Uh! Uh!" at it until you get your yogurt, then you walk around drinking every last drop.

You have quite the sweet tooth. You love everything with sugar. Ketchup, ice cream, chocolate, marshmallows - you name it, you love it.

You know your animals and machinery! Trucks go "Brrm brrm". Ducks go "Maa maa maa". Dogs go "Bark bark bark". Cows go "mmmmmmmmm". Sheep go "Baaa baaa". Horses go "Beee beee". Reading books is also entertainment with you. You point at everything and we need to tell you what it is, or we ask you where something is and you point at it. You are so extremely smart, but you're also bossy. You point at something, like some guy who's driving the bulldozer (brrm brrm) and you want to know his name. I say "I don't know his name!" so you keep pointing at this guy and getting more and more mad at me until finally I yell, "Bill! His name is Bill!" which you accept and go to the next image. There are a lot of characters named Bill, George and Paul.

And one of my most favourite things about you is how you act when you get "hurt". I use quotation marks because you're the biggest faker. You slip on a book, you have this adorable little fake cry, and you point at the book as if to say "that book hurt me!" Then we have to give you a hug, kiss the boo boo (usually your foot) and then you're fine. Sometimes we're not around to kiss your boo boo or not able to kiss it, so you sit down and kiss the boo boo yourself. The funniest story is one time I was trying to put your diaper back on and you were having none of it, so I smacked your bum to make you stop trying to get away. You stopped, looked at me with these big blue eyes, pointed at me and yelled at me. It was so funny! You were so mad at me and it took a lot of snuggling to make you forgive me. Sorry baby boy!!

Lucas, we love you so much and it's been quite a ride with you the past 18 months!!!

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