Thursday, April 9, 2009

Due Date!

I found out today that you are going to come into this world on November 14th!!! Unfortunately, that is also the day your Auntie Meredith plans on getting married, but I think I have a fairly good excuse for missing the festivities. I'm disappointed I'll miss her special day, but... what better reason to miss it?

When I first found out about you, I had a blood test that said my hcG levels were at 65 - which, according to a few websites, is 3 weeks pregnant. So the one I had yesterday, I was at 17,360 - 8 weeks pregnant. So you are growing quite nicely! The doctor is being very cautious... this pregnancy has not been the easiest yet, and we want to make sure you're growing nicely.

I pray for you everyday. I hope you know throughout your life how wanted you were. Your daddy and I can't wait to meet you! We talk about it everyday, and I think about you all day everyday. I pray for you whenever I think of you - which is like a million times a day - and I'm not exaggerating! I pray that you are growing strong, healthy, and perfect. And I have faith that you will turn out that way! I can't wait to meet you!!

I need a countdown I think... 7 months to go!!! Whewf... it seems to take SOOO long! Thank goodness I'm not an elephant!!

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