Sunday, February 14, 2010


I haven't been posting much, and I have my reasons for this fact. But today, I am sitting here in my office while Ryan is watching some sort of silly horror movie, and pondering what Valentine's Day really is. And I have to be honest... I think V-Day is ridiculous. It is a man-made holiday to force people into purchasing ridiculous gifts for each other. Why do I need a $100 perfume? I sure as hell don't need chocolates (I've gained enough already in the past few years!). And as much as I would love flowers, I'd much prefer them throughout my days for "no reason at all's" rather than Ryan feeling obligated to purchase me over-priced flowers for V-Day.

So, in short, we didn't do anything for V-day this year. I bought him a funny card at the dollar store, and after reading it, he gave it back to me and said "Happy Valentine's Day!" hahahaha

And I know a lot of women who would FREAK at their husbands for not doing anything for V-day. In fact, I remember a particular incident where a friend of mine, as a newly wed, was FURIOUS at her new husband for forgetting V-day. I mean, FURIOUS. And she ranted and raved to me for quite awhile about how she couldn't believe she married someone who wouldn't even bother to by her flowers for V-day. I mean... seriously. The poor guy just dropped $15,000 on your wedding not too long ago, give him a break! It always makes women angry when I side with the men hahaha. But in all honesty, I tend to side with the men.

But all of this was basically to say, I don't need a certain day to tell my husband I love him, or for him to tell me he loves me. We tell each other and show each other that every single day. We love spending time with each other, we miss each other when we're not together, and frankly he calls me 80,000 times a day while he's at work just to prove to me how much he truly loves me. I couldn't ask for a better husband, and a lifetime of Valentine's Days.

So Ryan, even though there are no flowers or chocolates on the table today from you, it doesn't matter. You've given me sooo much more than I could ever ask for and for that - I thank you! Happy Valentine's Day, my love. I can't wait to see what this year brings for us!!


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