Friday, May 28, 2010

23 Weeks!!

Incidentally, Aryn decided to celebrate her 23rd gestation week by waking me up 10 minutes before the alarm clock by kicking me repeatedly, and using my bladder as a pillow. I can't lie... it's a great way to wake up! I just wish it was 10 minutes later ;)

Nothing else exciting happened this week. We started pre-natal classes on Wednesdays from 7-9pm. We both really enjoyed it, and our first class we learned a lot of stuff - and I thought I knew a LOT already! I found out that my frequent nose bleeds and bleeding gums were all quite common, which is comforting. I know a girl in the class, so we already have someone we know so yay! Next week we get to watch a video of a live birth... I'm really nervous about the video hahaha.

But seriously, other than that nothing else is new or exciting with us. I read that if Aryn was born today, she'd have an 85% chance of surviving such an early birth, which makes me very happy - not that I think I'm going into pre-term labour or anything, but it's just comforting to know. We've also bought a few more things - a new playpen that works as a bassinet when Aryn is first born, and just a few other things. I can't wait to start decorating the baby room! I have to get rid of that massive king bed first though haha. It's all coming together! All we need now, is a baby!


  1. Welcome to parenthood. Haha. They will always wake you up 10 minutes before your alarm. Even if you set it 10 minutes earlier. ;-) Best job in the world though!

  2. I meant to share this link with you weeks (months?) ago:

  3. oh, and this one too:
    natural birth videos.

    It helps me a lot to read positive birth stories and watch videos of successful natural births without all the hysteria and scary-ness of some hospital situations.


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