Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pregnancy Brain

So last week on Facebook I mentioned that I left the deep freeze door open for like 26 hours. Wide open. Had NO clue, as I was sitting upstairs working away and taking Bauer for a walk. Apparently electricity is free to me.

Today, Pregnancy Brain hit me again. I went to Tim Horton's to meet with a client. When I left, I drove around town dropping off Newsy Neighbors to everyone who advertises with us and then I went home. I took Bauer for a quick walk, then a friend came over to take me out for lunch. As we're about to leave, I looked high and low for my purse. I seriously couldn't find it ANYWHERE. I checked all the places I'd normally leave it - the car, the entry way to our house, the backs of the chairs in our kitchen, the bathroom, our bedroom, under the blankets (??), the closet - EVERYWHERE.

Then my phone rings.

"Hello Denise? This is Lydia at Tim Horton's. You left your purse here."


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