Friday, May 7, 2010


Today marks my 20-week!!!!! I'm halfway there!!
(or halfway done, depending on how you want to look at it, hehe)

And we have an ultrasound date: May 13th at 8am. Nice and early, getting to drive during rush hour. Yay!!! I can't WAIT to find out what this baby is. I'm going to drink lots of water, a glass of juice and bring a granola bar to chow down on to make sure this baby is hyper and active so we can get a good look at its goods.

Dear LORD please let us find out what this baby is!! OLV! OLV!! OLV!!!

I don't want to post any belly pics (sorry Connie!!). But I will soon hehe.

Nothing new to report... I slept SO well last night (most likely due to the fact that Ryan is in San Francisco hahaha). I felt great today! I only woke up twice last night - once to go to the bathroom, once to let Bauer go to the bathroom (darn dog woke up at the same time Ryan's alarm clock normally goes off!! Grrr!). I can't wait to sleep in again tomorrow!!!

'Til next time!!

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  1. Woohoo for sleeping!! Glad you are feeling well. Those last 20 weeks will pass much quicker though! Can't wait to hear what your little bean is! I'm guessing pink!


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