Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Loooooong Day

So I went to the hospital this morning at about 11:30am and now it's 6pm and I just got home. I'm sooooooooooooooo tired!

Last night at 12:30am I woke up with a strong pain in my right back side. It came and went and I basically didn't sleep all night. When I got up at 7am, the pain just got worse. I tried eating, and the pain was even worse - and it made me nauseous to eat. Anyways, I then called my doctor and they wanted me to go to the hospital just to make sure it's nothing too serious.

They hooked me up to a fetal monitor and Aryn was going CRAZY. I mean, seriously - the nurse said she's "too active" at the time. She was just going nuts. So they checked my heart rate (normal) and my blood pressure (normal) and then I waited for the doctor to come in.

Anyways, they were worried I was going into labour. The pain is pretty high and where my kidneys should be so they were worried it was either a kidney infection, kidney stones, or a UTI (urinary tract infection). I had some pee tested, and then the doctor came in, assessed the pain, and basically if it's kidney stones, there's nothing they can do (being pregnant I can't get an x-ray). If the pain gets worse, I am supposed to go RIGHT back in, but in the meantime a Tylenol will work just fine until the pain passes.

Then, right before I left they did an internal check and it turns out my cervix was cause for alarm (they never did tell me WHY). Anyways, they told me to go walk around for 2 hours, come back and I'd get re-checked. If my cervix was further along, then I'd have to be admitted to stop the labour but if it's the same, it's going to be written in my chart and monitored for the rest of my pregnancy. Anyways, it was all fine and the same after 2 hours. I'll have to be continually checked throughout the rest of the pregnancy but as of right now - we're good to go. Hopefully this means it'll be a VERY easy labour!

So all in all, I don't actually have any results. All I know is that as of right now, there's nothing we can do other than wait for it to get worse! But it's most likely just a kidney stone or it's my ribs being uncomfortable. Nothing too exciting.


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  1. OH dear! I have been wondering where you were all day! Nicole posted you were going in but I figured it was just for monitoring. Take it easy girl! You don't little Miss coming too soon! Hopefully they are wrong about the kidney stones too. Maybe its just a twisted nerve or something. *hugs* either way!


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