Tuesday, July 6, 2010

80 Days

Today marks 80-days-left. That's 80 more nights of no sleep because of painful hips. I slept on 5 pillows last night (I was a good 5 inches higher than Bauer and Ryan!) and it was the first night in a long time I slept for more than 2 hours without being woken up by the shooting pain in my hips.

Yesterday was my 2nd appointment with my pre-natal doctor. I LOVED THIS WOMAN. The first doctor I had in June seemed very pro-c-section, she scared the hell out of me about the heart murmur, she was really worried about all my neck problems, she seemed very quick and wanting things to go bing-bang-boom - in and out, no questions, done and done.

Now, the doctor I had yesterday... she walks in and instantly I liked her. She kinda looked like my mom, only taller... and dressed like a sailor... (seriously - white pants, a navy blue/white striped shirt, and a white jean jacket). She made me laugh, she made me feel comfortable, and she made me feel so much better about everything.

She started things off by telling me that my hip soreness sucks and that the next 12 weeks or so are gonna suck even more - which made me laugh. There's nothing I can do about it but sleep on pillows and if it's REALLY bad, to take 1 Tylenol, if I HAVE to. She checked my hips and everywhere she pressed hurt really bad and although she's surprised at how sensitive they are, she said it's really good and that it may mean they are expanding more than necessary and that childbirth will be a breeze - then she laughed and told me not to get my hopes up.

She also told me that my heart murmur was nothing to be worried about:

There are 2 kinds of heart murmurs: Innocent and Abnormal. In my file, the last doctor wrote that I had an "Abnormal" heart murmur and she was concerned and she even apparently wrote my risk of c-section was raised. This doctor listened to my heart, made me hold my breath, made me lay down, and determined that my heart murmur was Innocent and that it's likely due to the fact that I'm creating a human being. Final Verdict: nothing to be worried about.

She even wrote in huge letters on my file: NATURAL CHILDBIRTH. She assured me that my risk of c-section is not any higher than anyone else. And, IF I needed one, I would be put under and I would only be out for 40 minutes tops and that the baby would be with Ryan the whole time, not with nurses or anyone else. She also told me that because of my allergy to morphine, she'd be concerned about giving me any kind of drug anyway and that she would have tried to tell me that a natural childbirth would be more beneficial to me regardless. So - whewf!! (Because of how similar many of the drugs you can get are to morphine, she's concerned about giving it to me and then in turn me having an allergic reaction to it - that's not good for me OR baby!).

Furthermore, all of my tests came back: no diabetes, no preeclampsia, no nothing!! Woo!! The only thing is that my iron levels are low so I now have to go on an iron supplement - which may also help give me more energy throughout the day. In fact, this doctor told me that if I don't want to take it in pill form, Cream of Wheat porridge is an excellent source of iron - and all natural.

All in all, it was a great appointment. I left feeling a LOT more confident than the last time, and I am adding to my prayer list that she is the lady who delivers my baby!!!

Also, yesterday Ryan and I became an aunt/uncle to a baby BOY!!! Totally a shocker - everyone thought Jamie and Roger were going to have another little girl. So, they gave Veronica a little brother - Joey Gerald. (for the longest time, Veronica has been adamant that she's having a little brother and that his name is Joey... not sure where that came from, but apparently she is a psychic and I think we should start charging people to hear her tell them their futures). I can't wait to meet him, we'll have to get to Lethbridge one of these days. No photos yet either! Booo!!!

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  1. that's great news about this Dr. being more supportive and positive than the last one you saw!

    I totally second eating the Cream of Wheat, as iron supplements can cause serious issues with constipation. blah!!

    I can't believe you only have 80 days left! I don't know about you, but I feel like my pregnancy is flying by! Although, the thought of 45 more nights of waking every 30 mins to toss and turn - or pee - makes it seem like I still have a long time left! haha!


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