Thursday, January 27, 2011

19 Weeks!

I've really been slacking in my Aryn posts! Reason being, to be completely honest, I'm exhausted. While I'm on the verge of getting answers, things are still working towards being fixed but that means that they are not fixed yet. And what does that mean?

No sleep for mommy.

I've even come to see insomnia, which is a first. The other night I was up from 1:35am - 6:30am. The last night the only way I could fall asleep was to take a Tylenol.

Needless to say, I'm beyond exhausted.

Aryn wakes up beginning at 11-or-so-pm screaming - for reasons I have NO idea. Then she'll sleep until whenever - anytime between 1-5am. It can be a good 6-hour sleep or a quick 2-hour nap. Sometimes she wakes up because she kicks those darn legs so hard that she comes unswaddled, and sometimes she just wakes up. The only way I've discovered to put her back to sleep is by feeding her.


Last week, I made an appointment at a breastfeeding clinic because I was, basically, desperate for help. I saw the doctor and explained to her what's going on. They weighed Aryn naked, then with the diaper on, then after we ate. Aryn ate 100 mg - which apparently is not enough. The doctor showed me this new way to feed her, where Aryn basically straddling me, sitting upright. It's kind of awkward, but when we were there, she didn't throw up at ALL (she normally throws up for HOURS after she eats, and eats every 2 hours because of it).

Ok so some notes of what the doc said:

1. I am to take ALL dairy and soy products out of my diet. All. No butter, no peanut butter, no yogurt, no cheese, no soy products (tofu, fake chicken) because Aryn could be allergic to it. What does this mean for me? I have to start eating meat. I had a big cry, but I think if I continue with the organic and humanely killed animals, I will be better than going to like McDonald's or something (augh).

2. Aryn breathes really loudly - she always has. My current doctor said it was nothing. This doctor was VERY concerned about it. If after 2 weeks of zero milk/soy products the breathing hasn't gotten better, she is going to prescribe a baby puffer and inhaler that I have to give Aryn every single day because it could be asthma. But she wants to rule out the allergy to milk/soy prior to this.

3. She thinks Aryn has bad acid reflux and has prescribed something for that. Hopefully that helps us.

4. After the 2 weeks of no milk/soy, she is going to refer me to a pediatrician and also to an allergy specialist. She wants Aryn to be tested for ALL allergies (Ryan was allergic to literally EVERYTHING as a baby).

So things are getting figured out. Finally. I cried because it felt so good for someone to take me seriously for once. I've said since Aryn was a couple weeks old that something wasn't right - that she seemed really bothered by ... SOMETHING. And my doctor kept telling me "babies cry" or "babies don't sleep."

Well... hopefully we get this sorted out.

So we're getting feedings figured out. Aryn now eats for about 10 minutes and then I put her in a rocking chair for about 1/2 hour to sooth her tummy. She seems to spit up more when she does tummy time, which is inevitable because the kid cannot stay on her back (so funny!). So keeping her in the chair really helps with that. She does throw up still - a lot - but not near as much as she was.

So enough of the "problems" we're having and onto the good stuff!!!


Aryn has become HILARIOUS. Seriously. She laughs and makes me laugh. Here are some of my favourites:

- when I put her in bed, I put her head at the "head" of the crib, her feet swaddled. Now, when she wakes up and starts playing and cooing, I go in there and the swaddle blanket is kicked off somewhere, she's flipped around a complete 180 and is either kicking the head of the bed, or the wall, or she's on her tummy. So. Funny. And every time I go in there after any kind of sleep, I get the worlds BIGGEST smile.

- Aryn LOVES TO SMILE!! Especially at mommy. We have quite a little connection, the 2 of us. She will be grumpy, then look at me and give me this big, beautiful blue-eyed smile. Melts my heart.

- Aryn has started pinching. It hurts!!!!

- If Bauer is close by at all, Aryn knows where he is and has to watch him. She stares at him and follows him around the room. Bauer still hates her.


- She's a tummy time PRO. However, she looks a bit like a fish out of water with her head, arms and legs in the air and she just balances herself on her tummy. Funniest thing ever. But anyone who sees her comments on how strong she is.

- One more "problem" - Aryn's lady bits are closing. I noticed it, freaked out, and took her to the hospital. The doc looked at it and said that while it's not normal, it is common. He prescribed her some estrogen cream and as of today, it's gotten MUCH better!

- She blows raspberries. All.The.Time. All you hear from her is phbbhbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb. It's hilarious. Then when I do it to her, she giggles and squeals. She's even learned to blow bubbles while blowing raspberries. Hilarious kid.

- She grabs stuff - including your face. When you get your face right down to her, her hands go up and instantly on your face. And she pulls. Ohhh she pulls. She pulls glasses off, she pulls hair, she pulls skin.


Needless to say, the last few weeks have gotten so much more amazing with Aryn. And I can't wait until all of our "stuff" gets figured out!!!

Aryn, mommy and daddy love you soooooooo much!!!!!!


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