Thursday, January 20, 2011


Aryn.... mommy is losing her mind!!!

For 2 nights now, you wake up every 2 hours SCREAMING. No reason for it. Your diaper is fine, you're really not hungry (even though you eat for like 20 seconds then remember you're not hungry), you're not too hot, not too cold, I swaddle you, unswaddle you...... but you scream. SO LOUD. You've never screamed like this before. Even during the day. The only time you EVER scream is when mommy leaves you with daddy for like 20 minutes so she can go get groceries haha.

I have put things that I've worn in your crib with you to calm you down, I've put ocean music on, I've given you dolls, blankets, everything. But you scream. And mommy doesn't know what to do.

I had to leave, so I put you in your bed. Silence. Mommy waited, and played Spider Solitaire for a bit to calm down. Still silence. Mommy poked her head in the room. You were in there, playing, completely flipped around so that your head was on the OPPOSITE side of the crib. Kinda funny. But not really, at 3am (and I've pretty much been up all night!).

Please learn to talk and tell mommy what's going on. Please??

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