Friday, January 14, 2011

4 Months!!


Today you are 4 months old. Everyday I learn something new about you, and everyday you learn something new about this world. I am loving watching you explore, grow, and learn about all that's around you.


This past month you have changed SO MUCH!! You are grabbing toys, bringing them to your mouth, sucking on things (mostly your hands, much to my chagrin)... you are a pro roller-over, even though you haven't really masted the stomach-to-back roll, you have most certainly mastered the back-to-stomach roll. We can't keep you on your back (which is hilarious, by the way, considering sometimes you get right back on your tummy only to cry, then when we put you back on your back, you giggle!)


For Christmas you got lots of money sent to you so mommy went to Babies R Us and pretty much bought out the store, buying you toys to play with. And what do you like the best? A piece of curly ribbon that I forgot to take off of a basked in your room. You see that ribbon and it's goodbye awesome toys, helloooo ribbon.

You just spotted the ribbon!

Also, you are thisclose to crawling. You get your left knee under you, you scoot yourself forward to whatever toy you're going for (i.e., ribbon) and then you stop. You can't seem to get your right knee under you, but you're doing awesome!!! Mommy is scared because of ALL the stairs in this house.

Such beautiful blue eyes

You are also in LOVE with Bauer, and he still wants nothing to do with you. You scan every room, find him, and stare him down. You reach for him, kick him, grab at him, and he does his best to get as far away from you as possible. Mommy thinks it's hilarious.


Another new thing is how much you LOVE your daddy!!!!!! Everyday Daddy comes home and Mommy tells him you've been a bit of a fuss pot the last couple of hours or so. You take one look at your daddy and it's all smiles and giggles and wiggles for him. You love him. It drives me crazy hahahaha


You have also gained quite a few nicknames this past month:
- Houdini (because there is nothing I can keep you swaddled in without you getting your arms out... yet you refuse to sleep NOT being swaddled...)
- Red Thunder (still)
- Little Red
- Monkey Face
- Love Nugget
- Love Monkey
- Al (that's from Grampa, and he's never actually called you that, he just says he's going to... A for Aryn and L for Linda)


Now you and sleep are still not friends. For the last couple of days, you have been napping like a CHAMP on your stomach - I put you in bed, roll you over so you're kinda on your side/stomach, give you a doll to hug, your soother, turn on your Sleep Sheep and you are OUT. You have always been such an amazing fall-asleeper. But it's the staying-asleep we are having troubles with. Last night mommy tried to let you sleep on your tummy for the night and you were up every.single.hour crying. Mommy would give you your soother, and you'd be out again, only to wake up an hour later when you lost your soother. (FYI, Mommy has never regretted giving you the soother until the last couple of nights haha)


So you're napping right now - for almost an hour now! - on your tummy. Mommy's gonna try bedtime tonight again with you not being swaddled... Lord God, please help us!

This is you sleeping NOT being swaddled... hugging a dolly that used to be mine!! (her name is "Blue Baby")

Aryn, Mommy and Daddy love you soooo much and we can't wait to see what new things you learn this month!!! Thank you for choosing us to be your parents, we are loving every second of it!!

4 Month Weigh: 14.5 pounds!

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