Sunday, July 8, 2012

First night in a toddler bed...

This morning we were awoken to a little girl on top of her change table. The change table is attached to the crib. This would be quite the little fall!!

She was also put to bed in shorts (cuz it's 27C in our house!) and she reached in, grabbed poop, and rubbed it all over herself. Awesome.

So, I spent the whole morning emptying out Aryn's bedroom. The bookshelf is gone (and in our spare bedroom upstairs), her toys are gone, everything in the change table is gone, everything she can possibly get her little hands on... is gone.

These photos are from when we first tried putting her in a big kids bed in April. It didn't stick cuz she got out and played during her afternoon nap and I wasn't ready for my baby to be a big girl!

It's bittersweet that she's in a big kid bed!! I am nervous about tonight... if she'll stay asleep, if she'll stay in bed, if she'll get up at 5am...

I'll keep ya posted!



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