Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Talking... yet not "talking"

Aryn has been very vocal for a long time now. She's babbled in her little Arynese language for quite some time. It's super cute, and everyone who hears it says how awesome it is and how they hope that one day their kids speak Arynese!

However, as cute as it is, it has become somewhat of a sore spot for mommy!

It's hard not to compare your child to others. I think everyone does it. So while other kids younger than Aryn are walking around saying things like "I want water" and "There's a monkey!" (at the zoo), Aryn is just babbling away in her own language. Again - super cute. But, as a mom, sometimes worrisome. And only when people make comments! Why do people feel the need to say, "oh, your kid isn't talking yet?"

Yeah, she's not. Bug off!!

Anyways, so I have talked to a speech lady at the Strathmore Health Unit and they are going to do a little assessment. Maybe she has a tough time hearing (although I highly doubt it since she's the lightest sleeper known to man!), maybe she's tongue tied, maybe she's so over-active that her mouth doesn't move fast enough, maybe I'm just not teaching her the right things!

And maybe she's just doing things at her own pace and will talk when she's good and ready.

I personally like the latter.

Whatever the reason, all I know is that my girl is ridiculously smart, and funny, and even though she doesn't talk, doesn't mean there's ANYTHING wrong with her.


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