Friday, November 16, 2012


I'm pretty amazed so far at the differences between this pregnancy and my last one; Aryn. I'm not saying this means I'm having a boy, and I don't know if it means anything. I know people with two extremely different pregnancies and both kids are the same sex. Every pregnancy is different, and I am not sure what it means.

With Aryn, I was sick until 24 weeks. And I mean, gagging, nauseous, must-have-a-flavoured-drink-with-me-at-all-times-or-else kind of sick. I couldn't pick up Bauer's *ahem* droppings on walks. No one thing made me nauseous - smells didn't bother me; it was just life in general that threw me off. I stuffed my face every chance I got because food = less nausea. I was getting up at 2am to eat a bowl of Cheerios. I was constantly starving. I was taking 2 Diclectin a day, and it helped and I could get through a day just fine. I was exhausted and always wanting to sleep. And, I was ridiculously excited for my impending parenthood.

This time, I'm 12 weeks now and I'm off Diclectin and only have little bouts of nausea. Bauer is no problem... it's random smells that set me off, and when they do, watch out. In the throws of the crazy nausea, I was taking 4 Diclectin just to survive the day. I had never, in my life, been that sick with nausea before - but it only lasted 4 weeks (although it seemed like it would last forever). Smells - anything from cooking beef, to the cows outside, to a weird smell in the furnace ducts, to Aryn's diapers (pee and poop) throw me into a fit of gagging. And food - the less food I eat, the better I feel. The less my stomach is full, the better I can make it through the day. Food is my ally. Yet, the saltier the food, the better I feel. Even now! And I can't sleep; I'm up randomly throughout the night and I can't seem to nap during the day. And I'm terrified of my impending second round of parenthood. I laughed writing that.

I am not complaining; many women wish with all their hearts they could get pregnant and cannot. I am fortunate that we are able to be in the position we're in right now. Pregnancy is difficult for some women. And I envy those women who have beautiful pregnancies with glowing skin and perfect little basketball bellies. In fact, part of me hates them. There; I said it.

In Aryn news, she is a ball of red-headed entertainment lately. She is really picking up on this "speaking" thing, although we still don't understand everything she's saying.

"Wash" is giraffe. (duh!)
"Nosh" is snow.
She calls my dad, "Bob." Not Grandpa Bob; just "Bob."
I'm "Nise." Sometimes, I get "Mommy Nise." Thanks, kid.
"Puppy" is Bauer. She will not call him Bauer.
"Boo" is blue. Although, it seems every colour in the house is "boo."
"Cowsh" is cows, naturally.
"Moo" is her cow toque.
"Vroom vroom" is all vehicles.
"Boops" is boots.
"Carsh" is our car.
(do you see a pattern with the "sh" sound? Haha!)
And we hear lots of "No poops, mommy. No peeps, mommy." This kid does not want to be potty trained.

But she did sit on the floor in the bathroom with the door closed, bare naked, and pooped on the floor. Then, when I opened the door, it pushed the poop all over the floor. It was awesome. I'm still happy about that story. Do you note the sarcasm?

She is hilarious and entertaining. She loves movies, particularly "Neno" (Finding Nemo) - and "Buddy" (Open Season). I personally don't like Open Season at all, but the kid loves the animals. She is also starting to like "Kitty" (Monsters Inc.), which I fully support cuz that movie is fantastic. I wonder if she'd like Bugs Life...... I may have to buy that one. These movies sure help during my "off" nausea days! And while making supper, which I have had to start doing every day since Ryan isn't home until 6 now with his new job.

Let me tell you; I do not enjoy it! And, I have also learned that I am an awful cook.

Again, I have no photos to share. I am really slacking in the photo department. I just can't seem to remember to bring my camera anywhere. Maybe I'm more tired than I thought!

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  1. I'm glad you are feeling better! I was wondering how you were doing...


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