Sunday, November 4, 2012

The last few days...

Nothing much has happened the last few days, and I have no exciting stories except...


I thought this time was so much worse than when I was pregnant with Aryn. But, as I'm going through previous blog posts from when I was pregnant with Aryn, I've come to realize: I was super sick with her. There are major differences: like with Aryn, I couldn't stop eating. This time, the more I eat, the more nauseous I am. With Aryn, smells didn't bother me, only picking up Bauer's poop really got me. This time, smells, sights, food in general throws me off. With Aryn, it lasted about 22 weeks. This time... I don't want to think about how long this will last.


I truly thought I was not this sick with Aryn, and I'm a little discouraged to read that I truly was extremely sick with her. I remember figuring it out with her: bringing a bottle of flavoured water everywhere with me subsided the sickness, and got me through the day; and snacking always made me feel better. But I haven't figured out anything yet this time that makes me feel better. The only thing I have been able to eat in the last 2 weeks is peanut butter and banana on toast. Breakfast and supper... (I can't eat at lunch).


Some women have easy pregnancies, and go on to have more kids. Maybe this is nature's way of keeping the red head population at bay; make the mom's of redheads super sick so they never want to have another baby again. It's working, Mother Nature. It's working.

Regardless of the sickness, and the grumpiness that has come with it, and the very limited patience that I have, everything is going well. We haven't gotten to the "we're excited about this" stage yet... in fact, with many of our friends on to baby #2, we're terrified of that first year again, of no sleep, poosplosions, constant crying for no reason, etc. But we're also excited for all the wonderfulness that comes with a baby. A sweet, cuddly, perfect baby.

I just hope to never do this ever again. Ever.



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