Monday, January 14, 2013

Crazy toddlers

It has been an interesting last few weeks, to say the least.

I am not sure what cosmic phenomenon happened 2 weeks ago, but something definitely did happen and my sweet, now-I-know-how-calm-she-actually-was redheaded toddler woke up one morning as a crazy person. This crazy person has taken over everything. She runs around like a tornado; like the Tazmanian Devil himself has actually magically appeared in our home.

She used to wake up at 8am every single day. It was beautiful and glorious. Since the cosmic phenomenon occurred, she is waking up earlier and earlier everyday. Today it was 6:15am. Let me tell you this: if she gets up any earlier than that, we're going to have serious issues.

Once she's up, she's been playing in her room for about 45-minutes to an hour. Not necessarily because she wants to - it's because I ignore her until then. Mama needs her sleep. I even took the tape off of her light switch so she can turn her light on and play in her room alone. That's right: mama chooses sleep over 6am playfests. Judge me all you want.

Once I'm up and washed the exhausted sleep out of my eyes (heaven forbid I go to bed earlier to make up for this early wakeup call!), we head downstairs for the Wizard of Oz tornado to take over. She runs around saying "good morning" to all of her babies and then spontaneously kicks them straight across the room. Then she laughs and does it again. I am confident that from the moment she wakes up to the moment she passes out at 12pm (yes, early wake-ups mean early naptimes, which means early naptime-wakeup, which means no change in bedtime because heaven forbid she go to sleep a moment before her "regular bedtime") she never stops moving. I cannot stress this enough.

Case-in point:

We're finally off of Ice Age (for the time being) and onto Madagascar (thank goodness because Madagascar is MUCH funnier than Ice Age). While it's mostly background noise, when she sits there watching it, she doesn't stop moving. Her feet are going or her hands are moving or her entire body runs in circles and spins while her eyes never leave the television. It's like The Exorcist for hyper toddlers.

To curb some energy, we were going for walks, before the Ice Age started (yes, that's a reference to the above mentioned annoying cartoon). Maybe that's why my kid has turned into a tornado: she's bored stiff of being stuck inside all day. -20C is too cold for outdoor fun. And mama is tired and stressed being pregnant that I can't think of any crafts to do with her that involve me laying on the couch. Why has Pinterest not come up with something like that yet?

But we were going for walks, and they took a total of 3.2 hours to walk around our measly block.

Every piece of snow needs to be tasted.  At first I was fighting the snow-eating altogether, but I've since stopped the argument and just conceded her allow her to stick with the white snow instead of the brown, black or yellow. Again, judge all you want.




My brother even came up and we spent the day at the zoo. It really got rid of a lot of energy and all the extra eyes and arms really gave me a bit of a crazy-toddler break.




In other news, and something I haven't put on Facebook yet and not something I hope to see comments about... we had our big 20-week ultrasound on January 7. The tech made a "huh" comment during the exam, tried to get the doctor in, and told me they'll get back to me. Well, at the doctor's appointment I made later that week for the results, it turns out that the baby is adequately visualized but no fluid is seen within fetal stomach, likely a transient issue and amniotic fluid index of 5.4cm is significantly abnormal, well below the 3rd percentile. Thankfully Oligohydramnios is no more than mild and everything else is looking awesome (baby is a good size and all its organs are there). According to Dr. Google it may all be because of how nauseous I was at the beginning, I may have been dehydrated and never got rehydrated enough for the baby. It could mean absolutely nothing, and baby is perfect, or it could mean there's something is wrong. We'll know more January 21st at the next ultrasound. We're nervous and scared, but faithful that it'll all work out fine.

So what does this mean? Well, apparently (again, Dr. Google here) taking it easy and being "on bedrest" can help amniotic fluid counts. So while I'm not "on bedrest" (hello, tornado toddler!) I am taking it much easier. No more walks with Bauer, no more zoo trips, no more mall trips until we know everything is ok. Here's to hoping it helps!

So any readers who are faithful, a little prayer would be greatly appreciated!

On that note... peace out!

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