Monday, December 31, 2012


2012  is over today. It has been a fantastic year. When I look back, I can't think of anything I didn't love about 2012.

Except the morning sickness. And fat ankles. And I now have 3 chins - yay for pregnancy. And too many poosplosions to count (including one massive one today - great job on the 2 servings of beans, mom!). And the fits. And learning to open doors. And running away from me in stores (she never stays with me). And some friend fights. And the worst winter in a long time. And Bauer spending 2 days at the vet for dehydration (darn foxtails!). My dad's heart issues. Ryan's dad's health issues. And ... and....

But in 2012 we went to Hawaii. We watched my parents renew their vows after 35 years together. We celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. I have some amazing friends. I got too many toddler smiles to count. Toddler hugs. Giggle fits. Walks. Kisses. "I love you"'s. Summer (ahh, summer...). Halloween. Christmas. The Baby & Me 2nd Annual Christmas party. Finding out we were pregnant with #2.

2012 was pretty darn awesome.

But now let's discuss.... toddler jokes.

Toddler jokes aren't funny. They're hilarious. I don't know if they're hilarious because they're our kids so we think anything they do or say is the funniest thing ever, or if they truly are legitimately funny.

I am forced to side with the latter; toddlers, particularly mine, are legitimately funny.

Unfortunately, we don't understand 80% of what Aryn is saying so her toddler jokes are just babbling with her laughing hysterically at the end... which makes us laugh. Toddler jokes are the best. And I can't wait til they start making a bit more sense in 2013.


Do you ever wish you could change just one thing about your kid?

Just one.

I am sure we all wish we could. I mean, I'm sure the lady in Wal-Mart today with her kid laying on the floor kicking and screaming his little head off would love to change that feature about her child.

And I, ashamingly, have one as well.

I would love to make Aryn stop throwing up whenever she cries.

I don't even know why she does it. She rarely gets into trouble, but when I am trying to get her to do something that she doesn't particularly want to do, she begins to cry with fake crocodile tears, then the gagging starts and then - bam!

Throw up.

I don't even particularly mind that she gags when she cries; I do it too, all the time. But I wish she'd find a safe place to fake throw up. Like... not in her bed. Or, not on the carpet. Or, not all over my brand new pants.

So my New Year's resolutions this year are:

1. Teach kid not to throw up when she's crying.
2. Start to enjoy pregnancy. (bwahahahha)
3. TBD

I want a good one for this year. Like less Facebook time, more baby time. Less phone time, more baby time. Less computer time, more baby time. Go for more walks. Less celebrity gossip. Stop caring more about what people are writing online than what my kid is saying in person. These are things that are common sense, but it's an addiction. One I intend to break this year.

Not that I'll have much time with 2 kids!!

Have a fantastic New Year, everyone! May 2013 bring more happiness, more smiles, more love and more joy than any previous year.



  1. I want to break my addictions too. :/

  2. Toddler jokes are awesome. Kid jokes are better. Especially when they get confused on the punchline and they make no sense but you laugh anyway.

    2013 is going to be better. For all of us. You're little princess is going to be a big sister and she is going to love it. You are gonna be a mama of two and you are going to LOVE it. Twice the fun, twice the joy, twice the opportunity for puke. Yay!

    As for the computer thing, cold turkey it for a week or two. Then when you come back, it just doesn't seem as interesting. Honest. The first few days are weird but you find more fulfilling things to do and you don't miss it.

    To 2013!


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