Monday, March 11, 2013

Baby Boy Update

Welp, time for another update!

Today we had another ultrasound. Unfortunately, first we experienced the perfect storm: my mom decided to go to Montreal, my dad had a doctor's appointment that he couldn't reschedule, my friend who normally takes Aryn was busy, Ryan's parents couldn't make it, and therefore, we were "stuck" having to bring Aryn.

Note to self: BIG MISTAKE.

She is a very active, easily bored toddler. She hates everything other than big open rooms with lots of room to run around in. She hates other kids playing with the available toys. She does not like the available Winnie the Pooh videos, and gets angry that "WoodyBuzz" isn't available to watch. Oh and our portable DVD player, which was purchased literally 1 month ago, apparently broke. Literally just stopped working. Today. Of all days.

So she was a bit of a terror. All she wanted to do was play with the ultrasound machine and threw 18 fits in the 35 minutes we were in there because neither us, nor the tech, would let her play with it.

Fun times.

Anyways, we found out today that baby boy is a-OK. His insides are still flipped around, but they checked out his bowel and intestines and there is no reason to believe that anything is obstructed. My fluids are the same as last time, and he's already a little over 2.5lbs. He's doing fantastic.

We are officially off of "high risk" and we have a so-far green light to be able to give birth at the same hospital we had Aryn in, which is good for me because it's the closest hospital to our town, and with how fast labour hit me with Aryn, that extra 25-35 minute drive to the Foothills Hospital was terrifying.

In 3 weeks we go back for another ultrasound and meet with the neo-care unit from the Laugheed, who will assess the situation and decide if I can continue seeing my doctor, or be referred to the natal specialist from the Laugheed, but there are no indications that that's the route they'll decide on. I should be in for a very normal, natural birth, just like with Aryn.

Praise God!!

So that's the update!!

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  1. I'm totally proof reading your post hehehe...its Lougheed ;). THIS IS THE BEST NEWS EVER!!! SO happy to hear this!!!


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