Sunday, March 10, 2013


Before I had kids, I knew that I would be one of those moms who made all of my kids' food from scratch, make toxic-free paint, feed them only organic foods, and wash their clothes with the most gentlest of homemade laundry soaps.

Then I had a kid. 

We use Tide. Chemicals-added. 
We eat goldfish crackers. A lot. And Kraft Dinner. And hot dogs. 
And we bought the on-sale 4-pack Play-Doh.

It's been a long winter. I am hating this winter. Both Aryn and I want to run outside and just play. Or... if we're being honest, I want her to play outside while I sit on the deck with a Mike's Hard Iced Tea. Mind you, I'm pregnant, so that's not feasible at this point, but this baby is bound to come eventually, right? 

So in an attempt to keep her entertained one particularly snowy, gross winter day, in MARCH, I brought out the Play-Doh. And I am angry with myself for not doing it sooner!!

 photo IMG_2566.jpg

And she was soooo happy. 

 photo IMG_2569.jpg
I am aware that this photo is not in focus. It's literally the only photo I got of her face. I totally forgot to focus on her face!!

She made a lot of animals, even though I couldn't tell what any of them were. She may not have been impressed with my lack of knowledge on what she was making, but she was proud of her creations. 

 photo IMG_2572.jpg  photo IMG_2575.jpg

And we listened to Raffi while we played. Yes, good ol' 1990's Raffi. She loved it, and was impressed that I knew all the words. 

 photo IMG_2580.jpg

She was so enthralled with the whole experience. A few days later, and she is still asking to play with the Play-doh, and has become a snake-making pro (which, they all end up in the back of her tricycle, and then I forget about them there, and they dry out.)

 photo IMG_2583.jpg

My creation; Our Family. You can all bow down to me!
 photo IMG_2590.jpg

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