Thursday, October 14, 2010

1 Month Old!!!

Wow, it's going by so quickly!! Aryn is 1 month old today.

Some updates:

- her diaper rash is awful still. My poor nugget. I'm doing everything I can to heal it but the darn thing just doesn't want to go away. I'm putting her on Monistat today in hopes that it heals. Funny story, I asked the pharmacist about putting her on Monistat in case it's a yeast infection and I was talking at a normal level and the pharmacist thought I was asking for myself. It turned out to be a little embarrassing for her but I thought it was hilarious. Ok... the story isn't as funny as it was at the time.

- Aryn has a bit of cradle cap. I'm putting almond oil on her little head and it's healing up nicely, but it's still there.

- She has quite the George Castanza look going on - no hair on top, and lots of bright red hair around the side of her head. It's kinda funny.

- She snores. And grunts. She's the loudest sleeper out of the 4 of us!! Bauer included!!

- She SMILED AT ME TODAY!!!!!!!!! I was talking to her all coo-ing and girlie like and she smiled at me. Not a gas smile - a REAL smile. It melted my heart.

- Aryn is an amazing sleeper. At night, if it weren't for the grunts waking me up, she'd probably sleep the entire night. I wake her up after about 5-6 hours to feed her -mostly because my boob is going to burst if Aryn doesn't drain it a bit and partly because she's so loud I need to wake her up and quiet her down!!

Size update:

10 lbs 6 3/4 oz
Just over 22" long

Yes, that is a full 1 pound heavier than last week (she was 9.5 lbs) and 3 inches longer than 2 weeks ago. My goodness... at this rate, she's going to be wearing toddler clothes at 10 months!!!!

Loving this little girl more and more everyday. I can't get enough of her!!!!

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