Wednesday, October 27, 2010

6 Weeks and BIG Smiles!!!!

Check out the cutest video EVER!!!!!

Aryn is 6 weeks old and (drum roll, please) 11 pounds, 5.5 ounces!

Yes, our little girl is gaining weight VERY fast!!

Updates this week:

- MUCH more smiles. I love them!! As you can see from the video above.

- She is not fun to try to work with. I honestly didn't notice much development this week, but only because it was our deadline for the magazine and I was super busy with that. Oh my goodness, I've decided I need way more help during deadline time. So for 1 week a month I think I'm going to have to get in as much help as possible. Mother in law? Mom? Dad? Homeless man from downtown Calgary? Anyone? I really am going to need help. Aryn doesn't like to sleep during the day except for 20 minute cat naps, and with that and trying to call people and email people, and get proofs approved and answering questions - it's too much for me. I had 2 mental breakdowns, which isn't that bad considering haha. So... those reading this... wanna help out next month?? Huh?? HUH????

So really I don't have many updates. Her bum is cleared up a lot, we're loving cloth diapering, she's sleeping like a champ (I woke up before her last night because she slept so long! Yay baby!)

We're loving her, and can't wait to see what happens this week!! :)

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