Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Single mom life

Ryan has been gone this week. He was called up to work North of Fort McMurray. They were supposed to be gone Friday-Monday. It is now Wednesday.

What does that mean?

My kitchen pretty much resembles this:

And my bathrooms pretty much are the epitome of this:

Ok... so it may not be that bad. But believe me when I say: as the least neat freak of the two of us, when I don't like how the house looks, you know it's messy.

Ryan is supposedly coming home tomorrow and as his apology for being away for a whole week, instead of "buying me something pretty", he is on bathroom duty. And post-bathroom duty, do you know what we can do?


The "cheesy grin" is back!

My friends Megan and Alex invited us over for supper last night since we've been alone for so long (which was such a blessing because I was literally about to take out the box of Annie's Mac & Cheese for the 3rd day in a row. I am a horrible cook when I'm tired).Their invitation was a true and utter blessing and a reminder of what amazing friends we have, but it was not a real play date. Aryn played with the cat. Adalynn ate everything in sight. We haven't had a real bonafide play date with our baby group in awhile. I want to create one, but I can't stand the idea of people coming to my house at this point. It's messy. People will leave thinking, "I need to go home and shower to get that house off of me" or, "Denise is disgusting."

The latter is the worst of the two thoughts.

Photobucket Photobucket
To go with my "disgusting" theme, these are two photos of my kid picking her nose. One with her finger, one with the end of a paint brush. Why not? 

Why don't you clean? you ask. First of all, shut up. Second of all, it's deadline week. I have a toddler. Bauer pees outside 15,000 times a day. Oh and he needs to eat and drink too. And I'm pregnant. And I just got a new phone that requires hours of playtime and investigation.

These are all very legitimate excuses.

Speaking of my new phone, it's fantastic. I now have Instagram, and cool features like being able to check Pinterest without getting computer-blocked by my toddler. It's fantastic, except I find myself missing the easiness of the blackberry and the ability to text without clicking the wrong letters every.single.time. I've even made some good autocorrect mistakes. I hope to one day make one so good it ends up on Ellen.


In light of what happened in CT on Friday, I felt like I had to do something good to counteract the misery. I am fairly certain I cried all weekend. So, I posted on the garage sale sites on Facebook that I want to take a collection to the women's shelter. I expected 2 or 3 people to get back to me.


This was the back of my vehicle. Jam packed with items for people. It goes pretty deep in there and it also rests on the middle seat, next to Aryn. I have to admit: it felt good. Not as good as if the Friday attack had never happened, but it was one small step for mankind.

In Aryn news, she has become quite the talker. Everyone said, "one day, she's going to open her mouth and just keep talking!" Well, they were right. English has made its way (mostly) to my kid. It's bizarre. She knows a lot, and when you point at colours and say, "Which one is *this colour*?" she knows and she knows all the animals in the world but she just can't say everything yet. But it's coming. And since beginning to really talk, she has turned into a totally different kid.

Our days are filled with her smiles. When I get frustrated with her, she brings out the big guns and sends out a full on Academy Award performance that just screams "I have the worst life ever!" She is bossy. Everything is "mine." Sharing is not her fortay. She is hilarious and laughs hysterically at her hilarious jokes that I just don't get because she leaves out 80% of the correct words and letters. She is affectionate - she gives me hugs and kisses ALL day long. She gives everyone lots of hugs - and loves it. She is an amazing mommy to her babies. She is so nice to Bauer. She loves kitties and all puppies. She is so nice to people and says "hello" and "goodbye" and "thank you" and "no thank you" and "please" every chance she gets. And she listens - not all the time, mind you, but she listens. Today we went to a quick meeting for my work and she sat there, quiet, on the chair, cheering me on every time I smiled!

Me: "Oh thank you so much!"
Customer: "Oh not a problem at all!" *we both smile*
Aryn: "Yay mommy!"
Me: "Well we'll see you soon! Thanks again for everything!"
Aryn: "Yay mommy!"

Be still, my heart.


Yes, there are times when I'm frustrated and annoyed with her, but the amount she has grown up in the last 2 weeks reminds me that every day she is becoming more and more of the person she will become one day and I am so excited to see who she will be... and I am even more excited to say that I really believe I'm going to like the person she becomes. Because I love surrounding myself with great friends, great people, a great job, and lots of happiness and love. And when you have a kid who is an epitome of all of that... it really excites me to think of what her future holds.

As long as the world doesn't end on Friday. Fingers crossed.


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