Saturday, April 17, 2010

17 Weeks!!

So here's my 17-Week belly shot. Even my Lululemon's are starting to roll down!



  1. what are lulumones?

  2. Haha Lululemons are the biggest name in yoga wear in Canada. It's amazing... you can't walk down the street without seeing the majority of women wearing a lululemon hoodie/pants/head band, etc.

  3. oh. I've never heard of them before. Most of the yoga pants seem pretty standard, but their Dance Studio Pant II looks ssssooooo perfect for the dance/pilates I used to do - and for my "style" as I'm not someone with super skinny thighs, so traditional yoga pants aren't really my cup of tea.... However - the price?! There's no way! lol

    I'll stick to my Target pajama pants and my Old Navy maternity skirts! haha!


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