Friday, April 23, 2010

18 Week Ultrasound!

Well, today was our 18-week ultrasound. I'm a little annoyed by the whole process. The woman was really nice, and made sure she told me over and over again that the baby was happy and healthy and that there were NO problems at all that she could tell - YAY!!! She let me watch the whole ultrasound and told me that the heartbeat is 148 bpm and kept following the little gaffer everywhere s/he went.

Unfortunately, she gave me 4D photos of:

- The hand
- The foot
- A video of something I have NO idea what it was

Where's the photo of the face? Oh, and she tried once to figure out the sex of the baby but it was being stubborn and kept turning its back to us. One second it's lounging on its back then we go to take a peek and BAM - it's tummy time and the baby is on its stomach. So we still try to go in for a sneak peek and BAM - the baby is hiding behind something and getting all snuggled in.

We saw the baby pee, which apparently is awesome because it means all its internal organs are working perfectly. So yay!!!

Here's some photos (I'm fully aware they suck... the cost of the photos was supposed to be $20 but they gave it to me for free, thank goodness because if I had paid I'd have been very unimpressed!):



Arm/Side of Face:

I love this baby so much!


  1. Yay for a healthy baby!! I love seeing u/s pictures. Hopefully you will find out the sex next time! I have known people who didn't find out until baby was born and I can't imagine the anticipation!


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