Friday, April 30, 2010

19 Weeks

Wow, the weeks are starting to fly by now that I'm feeling so much better!! The past week has been pretty uneventful. I have started going to Wal-Mart more often to check things out, and have decided that with all the crib recalls that Wal-Mart has had recently, we are 100% NOT buying a crib from there! Even their Graco and Safety 1st brands are being recalled. No thank you!

I've started to feel the baby bouncing around in there... It feels like little fluttering (hmm... maybe that's why they call it "fluttering"...) and it's been wonderful. Ryan can't feel anything so it's not that exciting for him, but it's nice for me.

Sleep has become something I long for haha. I wake up at least once a nice to go to the bathroom, and I wake up once or twice or 3 times because of major calf pain. It's not the most fun ever. My hip is finally feeling better, so that's awesome. I think the pain was due to sitting in my office chair all day. It's not very ergonomic.

What else... well I'm really showing now. Clothes fit quite snug and my Lululemons are rolling down even more than they were before. I think I look more pregnant now than just fat, so yay! haha!

Next week I'm at the 1/2 way mark!!!! I made an apt for May 5th to convince my doc to send me for another ultrasound. I'm DYING to know what this baby is!! I want names!!! hehe


  1. Yay! I know that halfway mark is always such a relief to me. I hated the calf cramps though. Be sure you are getting enough potassium and magnesium! That will make them go away. Hope to hear soon what your little bean is going to be!

  2. Glad to hear you are doing well! I would personally not recommend cribs or clothes from Wal-Mart as they are not the greatest quality at all...the clothes fall apart after a few washes and I always found the shirt/pant sets never fit right anyway. Have fun getting ready for baby...even though it seems like time is going so slow for you right now, it's really not. ;)


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