Monday, April 26, 2010


So I called the doctor's office and she said that sometimes you just get a crabby tech who doesn't want you to know the sex of the baby and therefore doesn't even bother checking - or pretends to check and doesn't really (which is EXACTLY what happened with us). So she said to wait for my next apt and ask my doc about another ultrasound but they rarely do another ultrasound after 18 weeks. So my next apt is supposed to be May 21st but I went ahead and booked one for May 5th to get my doctor to send me for another ultrasound - I REALLY want to know the sex of this baby and I cannot wait much longer. AND I'm going to go somewhere else and get a tech who will actually DO what I ask (hello, you're charging people for these tests - I have the RIGHT to know the sex of my baby!). Grrrr it's just annoying since she could have just checked and we'd be fine but nooooooo. Regardless of the sex, we're going to love the baby anyways but I REALLY want to start buying stuff and I want to know what I'm buying for!!!!

*sigh* Some people's kids.....

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  1. Boo....I feel your pain. With Miss. Matea we had a similar situation - grumpy tech, and when I asked she said "sorry you waited too long to ask should have asked sooner..." I was like, "Did the baby move? Has he/she rented her own apartment somewhere else?!?" - LAME.


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